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  • How to Succeed with an Accountability Relationship

    How to make the most of accountability groups | BlogPaws.com

    What does it mean to be accountable? How can you create an accountability relationship that helps you succeed? Should you find an accountability partner? Or perhaps join a group? Or is a mastermind right for you? In last week’s Facebook Live, Chloe DiVita, BlogPaws’ COE, tackled… read more


  • Is Speaking the New Writing?

    With the influx of video, now’s the time to start thinking about your on-camera presentation. What does that entail? Content–what you’ll talk about–is important.┬áTone, authenticity, word choice, voice: Those are all skills you, as a blogger, have developed in your written work. Those same skills carry… read more


  • What Bloggers Must Know About Facebook Branded Content

    What Bloggers Need to Know About Facebook Branded Content Pin

    Recently there’s been a flurry of concern over the new Facebook branded content policies. What does it mean for campaign bloggers? How does it affect what we share on our channel? We understand the concern… and had questions ourselves! So, our COE (Chief of Everything) went… read more


  • BlogPaws: Good, Bad, and Everything Else with Chloe DiVita

    Chloe DiVita Chief of Everything

    Many of you know her as Chloe… that’s C.H.L.O. ┬áno e. Do not say the e. Seriously. It’s not ChloE… other women and girls might pronounce it. As her mother, I chose when she was born to call her CHLO… and we would both like it… read more