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  • How to Get Picked for Influencer Campaigns

    How to get picked for influencer campaigns (1)

    As professional bloggers–and we should all strive to be professionals, whether blogging is our full-time job or not–we want to make money, right? One of the ways to do that is by participating in influencer campaigns. On Monday, we looked at some of the reasons why… read more


  • Not getting picked for influencer campaigns? Here’s why.

    When it comes to blogger campaigns, it’s a given that there will always be far more applicants than spots. That’s why it’s important to position yourself as a pro. As the community grows and more opportunities become available, though, we’ve heard from some bloggers who worry… read more


  • How to be a Successful Campaign Blogger: How to Use TapInfluence

    How to Use TapInfluence for BlogPaws campaigns

    In the first two parts of this How to Be a Successful Campaign Blogger series, we looked at the campaign application process–what works and what doesn’t–and crafting a compelling campaign post that gets you hired again and again. By now most of you have heard that… read more


  • How to be a Successful Campaign Blogger: Tips to Impress Brands (and Get Hired Again!)

    How to be a successful campaign blogger- Campaign

    So, you nailed the application process and were selected to participate in a blogger campaign. First, congratulations! It’s a big, competitive field, so be proud that you were chosen! Then, make a solid plan to deliver a wow-worthy post that not only meets the campaign requirements… read more


  • How to Be a Successful Campaign Blogger: The Dos and Don’ts of Campaign Applications

    How to be a successful campaign blogger- The dos and don'ts of the application FACEBOOK

    You want to make money with your blog, right? Of course you do! One of the best ways to earn an income from your blog is by participating in sponsored campaigns. But blogger beware: Mistakes made in campaign posts can tarnish your reputation or, even worse,… read more


  • Everything You Ever Wanted To Ask About Online Marketing…

    by Yvonne DiVita, Cofounder of BlogPaws Everything You Ever Want To Ask About Online Marketing in 10 Questions or Less. Yes, in 10 questions (not less) I'll share everything you've ever needed to know, ask, wonder, or learn about online marketing. And, if you believe that,… read more