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  • Understanding Return on Investment for Brands and Bloggers

    Understanding Return on Investment for Bloggers

    The term ROI (Return on Investment) gets thrown around a lot in a variety of contexts. It’s important for bloggers to understand how brands are considering ROI when deciding which bloggers or social media influencers to work with and for bloggers to decide which projects are… read more


  • How to Deal with Blogging Emergencies

    How to deal with blogging emergencies

    Large-scale companies hire Public Relations professionals. We hear about these PR reps, more often than not, when something has gone wrong and the company is in the spotlight. What we don’t see as often is the work that is happening before a problem arises. If the… read more


  • Basic Accounting for Bloggers

    Basic Blog Accounting

    Saying to yourself “hey, now that I’m a blogger, I should really work on understanding basic accounting,” probably wasn’t the first thing you uttered as soon as you established your blog. It was most likely more in line with what you wanted to say about pet… read more


  • The Mechanics of Hosting a Blog Giveaway

    The mechanics of hosting a giveaway | BlogPaws.com

    Bloggers host giveaways on their websites for a variety of reasons: increasing blog traffic and providing readers the opportunity to try products you have enjoyed using are two. Having a well-established plan for orchestrating a giveaway will help you to feel more confident and will help… read more


  • The Importance of Conducting a SWOT Analysis

    Why Bloggers Should Conduct a SWOT Analysis

    Much of BlogPaws is focused on helping to educate and remind pet bloggers on the value and importance of viewing their blog as a business. Between developing a cohesive business plan to identifying key messaging themes and content, BlogPaws has helped many bloggers from simply writing… read more