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  • 3 Reasons Your Blog Will Succeed

    3 Reasons Your Blog Will Succeed FB

    If you spend as much time as I do looking for fresh ideas for your blog, you’ve probably noticed the negative trend swirling around social. Bloggers who blog about blogging (say that five times fast) have latched onto scare tactics to get you to click on that… read more


  • Boost Your Blog 10K with Photography

    Two paws up to everyone who participated in the January Influencer Challenge. It was a huge success! We are continuing the “Boost Your Blog 10K” challenge with a different focus each month. Last month we looked auditing and re-purposing your old content to increase page views. This… read more


  • January Influencer Challenge: Boost Your Blog by 10,000 Page Views!

    Are you ready to grow your blog in 2016? The entire BlogPaws team is ready to help you reach your pet blogging goals.  Each month we’ll be launching an educational theme to help you become a better influencer and grow your blog. Boost Your Blog by… read more