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  • How To Build Your Influencer Signature Story

    how to build your signature

    How To Build Your Influencer Signature Story… and why you should “Once upon a time…” is a quintessential opening to a story or a fairy tale. When we were children and our parents read us bedtime stories, I’ll bet many of them started like that. “Once… read more


  • 13 Blogging Tips Influencers Should Ignore

    13 blogger tips to ignore

    Best practices are best practices for a reason, right? Yes, but you can find misinformation in any area of business, and that includes blogging and the marketing your blog posts. In this post, I will discuss 13 blogging tips that influencers should ignore. Why thirteen? Because it’s… read more


  • Bookkeeping Tips for Bloggers

    bookkeeping for pet influencers

    In this post we will cover the basics of mathematics and bookkeeping tips for pet business owners. Now, don’t run away! Believe me: If a math-phobe such as myself can talk about numbers and the basics of bookkeeping for the pet influencer, then you can calm… read more


  • How Influencers Can Find Mentors Or Accountability Partners… & What They Are

    accountability partner

    There has been conversation in the BlogPaws Community recently centered on finding a mentor. Jan Horning of PawBellish asked, “Where can I find a mentor?” This got me wondering how influencers can find mentors or accountability partners… and what they are. There is a difference in… read more


  • 10 Things Productive Influencers Do

    how to be a pet blog influencer

    If you want to be an influencer, and who doesn’t, there are steps you can take in both your business and your personal life to help make your influencer status a reality. From writing killer headlines and filling blog posts with information that your readers and… read more


  • Freelancing 101: How To Write A Press Release

    How to Write a Press Release | BlogPaws.com

    Last week I wrote about the top five reasons to write a press release. This week we will dig into the nitty gritty of how to write a press release. As a former journalist and editor of a local newspaper, and as a former public relations… read more


  • BlogPaws Pet Bloggers Build Their Influence 2010-2016

    Building Pet Blogger Influence

    As entrepreneurs, we’re told to follow our passion. In the  BlogPaws pet community, the passion I see centers around the health and welfare of these marvelous animals we call “pets”. In this community, most of us are bloggers. It’s a term that has finally become respectable.… read more


  • Freelancing 101: What’s Your Business Story?

    how to share your business story

    “Hi, my name is Robbi, and I have a pet blogging business.” I can hear the yawns already! Why? Because it’s boring and doesn’t tell a potential client, or an audience at a networking event anything about me, my business, who I truly am, how I… read more


  • How Your Pet Blog Is Going To Change The World

    Shaping Social Media Excellence, Influence and Education One Amazing Pet Parent At a Time

    Changing the World – One Amazing Pet Parent at a Time I thought for quite awhile before titling this post “How Your Pet Blog Is Going To Change The World”.  I wondered, for a bit, if it should be, “How Pet Blogs Are Going To Change The… read more


  • Freelancing 101: How To Write A Query (Pitch) Letter

    how to work conference contacts

    Whew! BlogPaws 2016 is over and it’s time to sit back and relax until BlogPaws 2017, right? Wrong! You need to not only “work” the contacts you met in Arizona, but you need to keep in touch with new friends, stay connected with current friends and… read more