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  • Request for Speakers Proposal BlogPaws 2017 Conference

    The RFP BlogPaws 2017 Conference

    Are you a dynamic speaker with a wealth of knowledge in a particular topic that would help attendees of the biggest, long-running, and original social media conference for pet bloggers? Of course, we’re talking about BlogPaws, and more specifically the BlogPaws 2017 Conference taking place in… read more


  • BlogPaws Blog Hop: Pets are the Reason

    I love animals

    Pets are the reason. It is National Pet Month, but loving, dedicated pet parents know that every month is national pet month. We celebrate, we rejoice, we cherish, we hug even when some say hugging a pet isn’t cool. Pets are the reason. They bring us… read more


  • Your Conference Checklist: 7 Must-Have Items for Any Business Conference

    Conference Prep Comfortable Shoes

    Conferences exist to bring people together in a venue that supports a specific topic or focus. They also exist to teach, promote, and support the topic or focus they were created to serve. At BlogPaws, we serve our bloggers who love pets. We work hard to… read more


  • Pampered Pets Means Big Bucks: Pet Bloggers Rejoice

    Blogging for a career

    by: Carol Bryant People treat their furry and feathered companions more like family members than ever, pampering them with treats, gifts, toys—even home-cooked meals. Well, sure that attention caught my attention: Did it catch yours? If you are a pet lover, a pet parent, or in… read more


  • Why is BlogPaws Going to Arizona?

    BlogPaws Phoenix

    by Carol Bryant Have you heard? BlogPaws is hosting our 8th annual conference in Phoenix, Arizona in June of 2016. Based on feedback, growth, and the overall pet-welcoming nature of the locale we select, Phoenix is a natural fit for the next conference. There are a… read more


  • 10 Things Every BlogPaws Conference Attendee Should Do Now

    by: Carol Bryant Why would I care to share information about what to do after a BlogPaws Conference when the extravaganza is yet to come? Knowing what to do afterwards will help chart your courses of action AT the conference. These are things you need to do… read more


  • #CWA Panels Will Debut At #BlogPaws 2015 Conference

    cat writers

    In conjunction with a new year, a dedicated focus to educating bloggers of all levels and skill sets, along and those who want to learn social media or grow their online presence, BlogPaws is proud to announce a relationship with the Cat Writers Association (CWA). Two… read more

  • Going Behind the Velvet Ropes of the BlogPaws Awards


    by: Carol Bryant There are many spectacular elements involved in every BlogPaws Conference. From the educational aspects to the networking and on to meeting the brands in person and being able to connect with experts in the industry one on one, the BlogPaws Conference is truly… read more

  • BlogPaws Reveals Speakers for 2014 Conference


    BlogPaws is proud to announce its preliminary speaker lineup for the Sixth BlogPaws Social Media & Pet Bloggers Conference taking place May 8-10, 2014, in Henderson, Nevada – on Lake Las Vegas – just 30 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. Hotel rooms are available at… read more

  • Pet Blogger Keys to Unlock Social Media Marketing

    The key to social media marketing: Ah, if we all had one how much easier would life be? Kimanzi Constable knows, and he is gracing the BlogPaws Conference with his session on unlocking that social media door. More specifically, he’ll be speaking about “Active and Present:… read more