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  • How to Write a Knockout Blog Post

    Write a blog post

    Having an idea for a killer blog post is the easy part. Writing a knockout blog post that touches on all the key elements from content to photography, promotion and inbound/outbound links is the more involved process. It sounds like a no brainer, the process for… read more


  • 5 Common Grammar Mistakes (and How Bloggers Can Avoid Them)

    5 common grammar errors

    Consider how much of your writing goes out into the world each day. You could be working on a client project, tweeting, emailing, or updating your blog. We put a lot of words out there every single day. But here’s the thing: Our fingers fly faster… read more


  • The Ultimate List of Pet Blog Content Ideas

    The Ultimate List of Pet Blog Content Ideas

    As April winds down and we head full-steam into late spring and early summer, all those brilliant ideas and goals from the first quarter of the year sometimes start to dissipate. This is the time of year when motivation wanes. If you find yourself in that… read more

  • 10 Predictions For 2016 | Be Prepared!

    10 Predictions for 2016

    I’m starting early. Getting my 10 Predictions for 2016 in front of folks. And yes, you need to BE PREPARED! Business needs and plans aside, it’s time to think about tomorrow, and the next day and the day after that. I know the saying, “Yesterday is… read more


  • 50 Things To Write About At BlogPaws

    by: Carol Bryant, PR and Marketing Manager, BlogPaws You have the ticket booked, the reservations are made, and you are about to attend one of the most powerful social media conferences in the nation for pet bloggers, writers, brands, microbloggers, and more. You want to be… read more