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  • How to Query the Weary with Successful Submissions

    How to Query the Weary with Successful Submissions

    Last month, we looked at how to write a nonfiction book proposal. Once that’s done, what’s next? First, congratulations! You’ve completed the “final” draft for your fiction manuscript, or polished your nonfiction proposal to perfection. Now you’re ready to submit to literary agents, or directly to editors.… read more


  • How to Turn Your Blog Into a Book

    How to Turn Your Blog Into a Book | BlogPaws.com

    You’ve been dedicating countless hours to your blog, pouring your heart and soul into creating quality content. Now you’re at the point where you feel you’d like to turn your blog (or another social media platform) into a book, and you’re asking yourself, “What do I… read more


  • Your Blog, Your Business, Your Book?

    Your Blog Your Business Your Book

      What is a book? A book is content. A book is educational. A book is funny or silly. A book is challenging. A book, in essence, is a compilation of someone’s thoughts. Those of us who are readers, who rarely let a day go by… read more


  • Publish or Publish: From Blog to Book

    blogpaws cares

    If you’re wondering if it’s necessary for a blogger to put his or her mind to writing and publishing a book, there are pros who know. These pros are Lisa Erspamer, Amy Shojai, and Lon Hodge. Combined, these three are an arsenal of information and BlogPaws… read more