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  • Pet Bloggers: Do You Work on the Weekend?

    Do this on the weekend for a more successful work week

    I do! Here’s why: First, I don’t mean the same type of work that you do during the week. I certainly don’t want all of us pet bloggers chained to our desks typing away our Saturdays and Sundays. (Or, you know, endlessly refreshing Facebook while you… read more


  • Build a Social Strategy Around Your Blog URL

    How often do you get excited to learn that Facebook is changing their algorithm (again)? Or to discover that the apps you loved most for maximizing your Instagram presence disappeared with the recent update? Or what about Twitter’s new suite of changes that you can either… read more


  • How a Blog Business Plan Leads to Money

    blog business plan

    by: Carol Bryant He who loses money, loses much; He who loses a friend, loses much more; He who loses faith, loses all. –Eleanor Roosevelt A blog business plan can help you make money but also avoid a variety of speed bumps, road hazards, and hazardous… read more


  • Three Steps To Prepare Pet Blogs for the Holidays

    by: Carol Bryant With 92 days left to a new year, these next few months are some of the busiest (and most profitable and traffic driving) times of the year. Your readers look to pet bloggers to help guide them through the holidays but also as… read more