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  • 21 Headline Formulas That Work

    21 Headline Formulas That Work - BlogPaws.com

    Which came first: the headline or the blog post? Do you turn your ideas into a full blog post first? Or do you write a headline first that then inspires your blog post? Neither way is right or better, but sometimes bloggers overlook the power of… read more


  • How to Write Click-Worthy Headlines in 3 Easy Steps

    How to Write Blog Post Headlines That Get the Click | BlogPaws.com

    No matter how brilliant your writing, or how gorgeous your photography, unless you grab a reader’s attention with a catchy, click-worthy headline, you won’t capture new readers. Plus, effective post titles are infinitely more shareable. There are a few ways to refine and master the headline-writing… read more


  • The Almighty Headline!

    by Yvonne DiVita, BlogPaws Cofounder If I had to pass on just one important bit of information about making your blog a success today, I'd share this: your headline can make or break you. Here are some points on how to craft a perfect headline that… read more