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  • How to Be a Professional Influencer

    How to Be a Professional Influencer

    Many years ago, I wrote for a women’s lifestyle magazine a few times a year. The editor would reach out with a specific assignment, saying that if I happened to be available for such-and-such project, I was her first choice. Flattered, I eventually asked her what… read more


  • How to Be Taken Seriously as a Blogger Blog Hop Wordless Wednesday

    Blogger business tips

    It’s our weekly blog hop time, and we are devoting this week’s “Wordless Wednesday” blog hop to a topic that seems to run rampant: How to be taken seriously as a blogger. Did you ever have a conversation with someone who has no idea what a… read more


  • 8 Creative Ways to Use Video to Boost Your Blog Business

    Blog as a business with video

    Video can help you grow your business. Video seems to be all the rage these days and with good reason: It’s here to stay. Our very own COE, Chloe DiVita, says speaking is the new writing. Think about your daily experience online, whether on a mobile… read more


  • 3 Things You Need to Turn Your Blog Into a Business

    3 Things You Need to Turn Your Blog Into a Business | BlogPaws.com

    On Friday, we kicked off our month-long focus on the business of blogging. If you missed that first post, it’s packed full of inspiration and motivation. Go check out The Business of Blogging: Think Like a Boss! Then, head back over here to dig into your next… read more


  • 5 Ways to Blog Like an Entrepreneur

    5 Ways to Blog Like an Entrepreneur - BlogPaws.com

    You want your blog to be treated like a business. That means you’re growing an engaged audience, and you’re appealing to brands. But, if you’re just starting out, or if you’ve lost momentum, how do you hit that professional level? Blog like an entrepreneur! Entrepreneurs create and grow… read more


  • What Does It Cost To Be A Blogger?

    Start with Wise Investments for Your Business Blog

    During this year’s conference in Phoenix, I made it my job to sit with as many newbies as I could. These are folks who were new to our conference, and even new to blogging. Not surprisingly, a frequent question asked was, “How much does it cost to… read more


  • Wise Investments for Your 2016 – 2017 Business Planning

    Make investments for your business planning

      We’re approaching Christmas. Are you prepared? Now that I have your attention, let’s talk business. Let’s talk wise investments for your 2016 -2017 business planning efforts. Because the opening sentences are not that far off. You will begin to see Christmas marketing any day now.… read more


  • Are You Running a Business or a Blog?

    by: Carol Bryant Is your blog for sheer fun and pleasure or did you ever consider your blog to be a business? Perhaps you'd like your blog to be a business but have no idea how to go about doing so. BlogPaws has an outstanding list… read more

  • Is Your Pet Blog a Small Business? Weekend Survey

    Is your blog a small business, a place to share pet info and stories, a little bit of both, or neither? With our 2,000 members, BlogPaws bloggers and microbloggers span the gamut. With massive amounts of snow blanketing us here in the northeast, BlogPaws knows many… read more