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  • The Vulnerability of Blogging

    When was the last time clicking “publish” gave you butterflies and made your palms sweat? Are you afraid someone might view you differently if you share your story? Every single time I publish a new post on Irresistible Icing I feel this way. I share personal… read more

  • How to Follow the Rules of Blogging While Staying Authentic

    How to Follow the Rules of Blogging and Stay True to Your Voice and Audience | BlogPaws.com

    “Everyone’s post said the exact same thing.” “Who’s the leader? Everyone looks like a follower.” “I haven’t been reading blogs lately because they’ve seemed so, I don’t know, boring.” Yikes. These are comments paraphrased from a recent discussion about sponsored posts. I don’t think there’s one… read more


  • Find Your Inspiration to Influence

    Finding the Inspiration to Be Influential | BlogPaws.com

    When I visit blogs, I see so much of the same content over and over again. Someone writes about it and 15 other people cover the same topic in the same style and the same voice. Not only does it become boring, but eventually you get… read more


  • How to Write Any Kind of Blog Post Authentically

    3 Key Points in Writing Authentic Blog Content

    As a regular reader of BlogPaws, I expect you are familiar with the concept of authenticity in blogging. This involves creating and using a voice or tone that is yours alone. Your blog has a tone that people recognize as yours. Your blog is dedicated to… read more