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  • 5 Simple Steps to Grow Your Audience with YouTube

    5 Simple Steps to Grow Your Audience with YouTube

    With the increase in online video consumption, YouTube is quickly becoming one of the largest social platforms online. And, while most people think of YouTube as the epicenter for cat videos, it’s also a great place to build an audience for your business or personal brand.… read more


  • How Do You Make Money Blogging?

    How Do You Make Money Blogging- #MondayMotivation - BlogPaws.com

    We kicked off The Business of Blogging series with a little bit of tough love in the post Think Like a Boss! Today, we’re shifting gears and sharing some #MondayMotivation! Here goes… How do you make money blogging? That’s the most asked, most repeated question in… read more


  • Good Content that Gets Readers to Sit and Stay!

    good content that gets readers to sit and stay

    It’s no surprise that I am comparing ‘good blog content’ to training a dog. Or a cat, for that matter. The reality is, intelligent beings of all manner can learn to sit and stay, if taught properly. Our content at BlogPaws often gets folks to sit… read more


  • It’s Not About You, It’s About You and Me

    blog photos BlogPaws Phoenix, AZ

    The room got quiet as the speaker rose to the stage and stood at the lectern. All eyes were on him. He unbuttoned his suit coat and smiled at the audience. It was a Saturday morning. The room was crowded, with people milling about in the hall,… read more