CONAIRPROPET™ and Cuisinart®’s GoodBone™ Treat Maker: Set to Impress at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida

STAMFORD, CT – CONAIRPROPET™ and Cuisinart®, esteemed leaders in pet care excellence and culinary innovation, are thrilled to announce the resounding success of the GoodBone™ Treat Maker post-launch. This groundbreaking collaboration has not only captured the hearts of audiences nationwide but is also poised to take center stage at the upcoming Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida. 

The GoodBone™ Treat Maker, born from the partnership between CONAIRPROPET™ and Cuisinart®, seamlessly blends pet wellness with culinary ingenuity. Engineered to inspire pet owners to craft personalized, nutritious treats for their beloved companions, this collaboration has produced a product that is as functional as it is heartfelt – a true reflection of the bond between pets and their families. 

At the Global Pet Expo, the GoodBone™ Treat Maker’s intuitive operation, swift treat preparation, and customizable recipe options promise to captivate attendees and industry professionals alike. This aligns perfectly with the growing trend of pet owners seeking more personalized and human-like experiences for their furry friends. 

“After the remarkable success of our post-launch phase, we are thrilled to anticipate the excitement surrounding the GoodBone™ Treat Maker’s exhibition at the Global Pet Expo,” stated Carmen Slaven, Sales and Marketing Director of CONAIRPROPET™. “The reception and feedback from pet owners have been nothing short of amazing. This collaboration enables us to offer a unique solution that merges culinary innovation with pet well-being, underscoring our commitment to evolving alongside the pet care industry. The overwhelmingly positive consumer response reaffirms the value of our partnership and the excellence of the product. The GoodBone™ Treat Maker is a testament to the collaborative spirit between CONAIRPROPET™ and Cuisinart®.”

With sales projections exceeding expectations in its first year alone, it is evident that pet owners are loving the GoodBone™ Treat Maker. 

Key highlights of the GoodBone™ Treat Maker’s post-launch success: 

  1. Global Pet Expo Debut: The GoodBone™ Treat Maker is set to make its highly anticipated debut at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida, from March 20th to 22nd, 2024. 
  2. Stellar Sales: Projections indicate that the GoodBone™ Treat Maker is poised to exceed initial sales forecasts during its inaugural year, marking a robust market entry. 
  3. Positive Consumer Feedback: Consumers nationwide have expressed enthusiasm for the product, commending its convenience, customization options, and positive impact on pet well-being. To read customer reviews, visit our e commerce sites! 

The GoodBone™ Treat Maker is officially available for purchase at Babylisspro.com, and select retailers nationwide, including PetSmart Canada and Petco. To learn more about this exciting collaboration and explore the features of the GoodBone™ Treat Maker, please visit Babylisspro.com 


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About Cuisinart® 

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