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Pinterest For Your Pet Blogging

Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Picture2If you're like me, you check out Pinterest and the boards of those whom you follow… and then… you get lost in the pictures of cute puppies and kittens, delicious recipes and yummy photos… and then… all of a sudden you're hungry and darn it, you forgot why you logged into Pinterest in the first place, right? It is a social media landscape filled with distractions, to be sure, but it is also a social media landscape that is a perfect platform for your pet blogging. 

I recently attended a Greece Chamber of Commerce meeting and a florist and an event planner shared a lot of hints, tips and tricks for making the most of Pinterest — even for those businesses that may not seem to lend themselves to "visuals" (think accountants or insurance agents). 

Here are the three takeaways I have from the Pinterest session and that I will be applying to my pet blogging: 

  1. If your blog post includes a graphic (and it should) pin that graphic to your Pinterest board and then link back to your website. Great way to build cross traffic. 
  2. Follow, comment and repin other's pins. Remember, Pinterest at its most basic is a social media site — be social. 
  3. Make certain your boards are named in a way to help build your SEO. Check your profile and tagline and make sure you're using SEO. For example, if you want to be known as a pet blogger and be found as a pet blogger then your profile should proclaim that. 

How are you using Pinterest to grow your pet blogging following? 

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