Google+ Hangouts: BlogPaws Shares and Cares


In an ongoing effort to share the latest and greatest in the blogging and social media world from all angles, BlogPaws presents Google+ Hangouts aka BlogPaws Cares and Shares. Hangouts take place one to four times a month and are permanently archived in the BlogPaws YouTube channel.

BlogPaws Google Hangouts

  • BlogPaws Cares & Shares: Tech Talk Hangout

    Listeners to the BlogPaws Cares & Shares Hangout on Thursday, May 21 learned about plug-ins, coding and more. They also learned, “you don’t have to be afraid of tech” which I am certain is a great thing for a newbie blogger — or even an experienced… read more


  • Pet Bloggers: Get The Media To Notice You

    BlogPaws pet travel contest

    Post by Blog Manager, Robbi Hess This was a BlogPaws Cares & Shares Hangout that was near and dear to my heart. As a “recovering journalist” I was on the receiving end of individuals pitching me stories. Unfortunately, for every story idea I accepted, I probably… read more


  • How to Get More Facebook and Blog Followers

    How can I get more reach on Facebook so that people LIKE my page and engage with me? How can I get more blog comments and actually get people to engage with me on my blog? The above are two of the most commonly asked questions… read more


  • BlogPaws Cares & Shares: Peter Shankman Interview

    In case you missed it, we interviewed BlogPaws Conference keynote speaker, Peter Shankman in a recent BlogPaws Cares & Shares Hangout on Google. Shankman, author, entrepreneur, speaker, founder of Help a Reporter Out (HARO) and worldwide connector, will address the crowd with his candor, wit, drive,… read more


  • Publish or Publish: From Blog to Book

    blogpaws cares

    If you’re wondering if it’s necessary for a blogger to put his or her mind to writing and publishing a book, there are pros who know. These pros are Lisa Erspamer, Amy Shojai, and Lon Hodge. Combined, these three are an arsenal of information and BlogPaws… read more


  • Using Video In Your Blog Posts

    Yvonne DiVita, BlogPaws CEO started the conversation with guests on the “Lights. Camera. Action!” Google Hangout, Denise Wakeman, Mia Voss, Robert Semrow and Alana Greylak by saying that, “The Internet is all about video these days and just about everything you do is about video these days.”… read more