News: Animal Shelter Adoption Competition for $100k Grant


by Kristin Dewey, BlogPaws Special Projects Manager

For the next three months, fifty U.S. animal shelters will compete for a $100,000 grant in The ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge. (Twitter hashtag #100KChallenge) The object is to save more animals' lives by increasing their adoption numbers over the same period last year. Other contestants will vie for a chance to win some of almost $500,000 in additional grant prizes.

Many shelter contestants are hosting large kick-off adoption events this weekend. Good luck, shelters – and pets!

3 Responses to “News: Animal Shelter Adoption Competition for $100k Grant”

  1. Idania

    oh, I just love dogs. I had a dog that sat in the window all day long–a lab. A chltooace lab. He just loved the sun. And he would sit behind the curtain just like Millie does. That picture reminds me of him. Miss him.Love your pictures, and your commentary at the end!

  2. Cokie the Cat

    Thanks for your sweet comment, Idania.
    Kristin and Cokie

  3. Sarah

    GOOD NEWS! This lovely Dobie has been adeptod into a forever home by an older couple who recently lost their dog mutual love at first sight! I love a happy ending