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5 Traits Entrepreneurial Pet Bloggers Share

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess 

I don’t typically like to make blanket statements, but that being said, “I believe there are traits that most, if not all, entrepreneurial pet bloggers share.” What makes me say that? Because when I talk to entrepreneurs I ask questions of them and their personalities shine through during those conversations and, truth be told, I have many of these traits, so blanket statement it is.

What are the five traits that entrepreneurial pet bloggers share? Here are my thoughts:

  • They want “something more.” They want to be more than an employee. They want to have a hand in shaping a product pet blogger successor being part of growing a business. They spend time at night honing their pet blogging craft; rather than sitting down and watching television all night, they are blogging and putting together their writing plan for the coming week. They spend weekends working on their pet blogging business.
  • They are determined and dedicated. If you don’t have determination, you will likely go back home at the first sign of failure or at the first “no” you receive when you make a sales call. Failure, is not a setback or a reason to give up – it is a push for you to move forward and come back with a new, enhanced service! Dedication has to be part of the mix. You need to be dedicated to the product or service you’re offering. You need to be dedicated enough to put in the hours necessary to realize your dream.
  • They typically have a grasp on time management. Entrepreneurs — especially those that are growing their pet blogging businesses while working outside of the home —  usually have a list of priorities and know how to manage tasks to meet business goals. Being able to manage time, complete tasks, connect with clients, attend networking events and prospect for new clients are all tasks that need to be completed and are part of growing a business and they all need to be scheduled into your weekly calendar.
  • They want to succeed. Success – by whatever metric you use – is what you strive for.  A successful pet blogging entrepreneur is one who has a drive to succeed and they typically do. Also, as we’d blogged about earlier this week, many pet blogging entrepreneurs have found that if they blog within a niche, they are more likely to achieve success than not having chosen a specialty area on which to focus.
  • They are connectors. If an entrepreneur meets someone at a networking event or in line at the grocery store, chances are a conversation will be kicked off and it will eventually turn to the, “so what do you do?” variety. If an entrepreneur meets another entrepreneur, they will exchange business cards, meet for coffee, and see if their respective endeavors can benefit badgeiteach other or someone else within their circle. To grow your business, you cannot operate in a vacuum. Whether you interact online or offline, you need to interact. Be social on social media and share the posts of those who follow you and by default, you will be seen as a “connector” and will likely stay front of mind. Those who are serious about their pet blogging business also know they need to invest in themselves and that can be as simple as going to local networking events or attending the BlogPaws 2015 conference as a way to meet and connect with more like-minded individuals.

Do you see yourself in these traits? Do you have the drive that it takes to achieve pet blogging entrepreneurial success?

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