6 Ways to Test if Your Blog Niche is Too Small


Do you have a burning desire to blog about a special topic? Creating a blog that is dedicated to a niche you are passionate about can be immensely rewarding. I knew I wanted to write about paralyzed pets after my dog, Sophie, lost the ability to walk. The topic couldn’t be more specific. If you are in the same boat, don’t let your idea stand in the way of pursuing your goal. Here is how I determined if my niche was too narrow.
6 Questions to Ask to Test if Your Blog Niche is Too Small - BlogPaws.com

6 ways to test if your blog niche is too small:

Can you define your audience?

This means being able to clearly describe your ideal reader almost down to the color of their eyes. Start by asking yourself questions. For instance, is your audience made up of pet owners, pet professionals, or are they part of the veterinary community? Are they first-time pet parents or experienced owners? What are their needs? Eventually you should be able to list the characteristics of your perfect reader.

How will you find readers?

Once you can describe your audience, you need to know where to find them. Because the niche is one you are passionate about, check the websites, forums, publications, and organizations you turn to for information. Dissect the subjects people on those sites are talking about and where they refer readers for information.

Who else is blogging about your niche?

A little competition is good. If other bloggers are writing about your subject take it as a sign your niche is viable. Competitive blogs allow you to introduce yourself to like-minded readers and add your voice to the topics that interest them. The time to worry is when no one is writing about your subject. It could be a sign that your niche needs to expand.

Are companies selling products that relate to your blog?

This is important. If one or more companies are selling products to your target audience, it says there are enough people interested to make it profitable for a retailer to tackle. It also points to potential affiliate opportunities with these businesses, if you plan to monetize your blog.

Can you list 50 story ideas for your niche?

This is a great way to test if you have thoroughly considered the needs of your readers. Start by listing big broad topics and then break them down into smaller story ideas. This will help you clearly define your subject.   

6 Ways to Test if Your Blog Niche is Too Small - BlogPaws.com

Is your audience on social media?

I know. Everyone is on social media, but their level of engagement is crucial to your success. Look at which platforms they favor, how many others have joined them, and what they are talking about. Check out how often they post. In my case, I found lots of groups for handicapped pets, but few were active on regular basis. It helped me broaden the scope of my audience.

So… What if my niche is too small?

If your topic is too narrow, do not toss the idea out the window. Rethink how you could include different readers. My blog expanded to pets with all kinds of spine and neurological conditions. Three years later, my list of potential blog posts is longer than when I started.

Stay true to your passion and your niche will succeed.

We’d love to know: How did you find your blog niche? What led you to blog about your topic? What’s your why?  

Sharon Seltzer is the founder of Lessons From A Paralyzed Dog. Her blog gives hope to owners with paraplegic pets. She is the proud mom to pups Bailey and Olivia and cats, Spike and Tiger. Sharon is also a co-founder of Heaven Can Wait Animal Society in Las Vegas, NV.

Images: Jacob Lund/Shutterstock.com and courtesy of the author