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BlogPaws Pet Blogger Opportunity Network

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Q: Why did BlogPaws form the Pet Blogger Network (PBN)?
A: To bring you a variety of opportunities for earning money or other rewards from your time and effort spent creating pet-related content.

Q: Is the PBN an ad network?
A: Yes … and so much more. Helping you get more relevant, pet-focused display ads running on your blog or site is really just the beginning. Building on the social media education and sponsor relationships from our conferences, we can help our PBN members grow your audience platforms and enable you to participate in marketing programs, such as coordinated product reviews, blogger panels, Twitter pawties, travel, and a range of integrated packages. Take a look at some examples of marketing programs we’re offering advertisers for our PBN members to take part in (and share revenue from).

Q: Can I choose which ads, brands, or marketing programs will appear on my site?
A: Yes. When you fill out or update your PBN profile, you’ll be giving us a general idea of what programs you want (and don’t want) to participate in. But we’ll also notify you before each new ad campaign goes live and give you a chance to opt out. For marketing programs that go beyond ads, we’ll send members who meet the campaign’s criteria an email invitation, describing the work requested and the compensation offered. So you’ll always decide which ads or programs are a fit for you.

Q: What if I don’t want ads on my blog, but still want to participate in marketing programs like product reviews, giveaways, etc.?
A: That’s okay. Just keep in mind that many marketing programs like those are part of larger campaigns and often include coordinated ad buys; you might not be eligible under the advertisers’ criteria if, for example, a product review program required one or more banner ads for the product to appear adjacent to the reviews.

Q: Does the BlogPaws PBN allow me to participate in other ad networks or marketing programs, or sell my own?
A: Yes, unless you choose to participate in an exclusive representation option with PBN (details coming soon).

Q: I’ve heard that BlogPaws and the PBN have joined forces with Pet360 Media. Will the BlogPaws PBN continue?
A: YES!!
BlogPaws joined the Pet360 Media family toward the end of 2012, providing us with more resources to grow the network and develop greater opportunities for you.

Q: So, what impact will the partnership have on BlogPaws and the PBN? Or, asked
another way, What’s in it for me? ;-D
A: Lots!
With our combined sales team, there will be more ads, more
marketing programs, more revenue … more opportunity for all of us! And with the combined technical support team, we’ll be able to grow faster and
develop the online tools for you that we’ve been planning all along. PLUS, our
new partnership has given us ideas for new forms of compensation and incentives that we’re working on to make PBN the best network on the planet!

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