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BlogPaws 2012: Speakers

Friday Morning Opening Keynote:
    Betsy Saul, Petfinder.com’s Co-Founder,

        Petfinder has helped with more than 13 million pet adoptions since 1995.

Saturday Morning Keynote:
    Lena West, Creator of Influence Expansion,

        Making social media work for you.

Saturday Evening Nose-to-Nose Social Media Pet Blogging Awards Emcee:
    Wendy and Lucky Diamond: Endangered Animal and Rescue Advocate,

        Best Selling Author and TV Personality.


Friday Sponsored Lunch Speaker:
    Dr. Daniel Aja, DVM, Hill’s Pet Nutrition,

        Director Professional Affairs.

Aja and dog


Speakers & Panelists:

Kenn Bell, mastermind behind the Dog Files
Kenn Bell,
Breakout Session: Video
The Dog Files blog
The Dog Files Facebook page
Digital is Matt's life
Robin-Meggy-headshot (2)
Robin Bisha,
Jeans Friendly Yoga Instruction
Meet Robin on Twitter
Robin’s Facebook Page
Robin’s pet blog
Rebecca Braglio - The Philly Dog blogger
Melissa Touts her knowledge of Tout!
Emily Campbell frowns on copycats
Emily Campbell,
Copyright; FTC & Credible Sources
Dunlap Codding website
Phosita blogsite
Susan Daffron & James Byrd,
Breakout Session: Product Development
The Book Consultant website
Meet Susan (SusanDaffron) on Twitter
Funds to the Rescue
Steve Dale tells all
Steve Dale,
Conversations with Vets: How to talk to your pet parents
Steve Dale’s Pet World blog
Steve Dale’s Facebook page
Meet Steve (SteveDalePets) on Twitter
Donna DeClemente, founder of DDC Marketing and Social Sweeps, blogger at Donna's PromoTalk blog
Donna DeClemente,
Breakout Session: Facebook
Meet Donna
Donna’s Promo Talk blog
The Lip-sticking blog
Kristin aka Cokie the Cat
Kristin Dewey,
Twitter Strategies: Making Pawprints in 140 characters
The infamous Cokie’s Blog
Meet Kristin (Cokie) on Twitter
Kristin’s (Cokie’s) Facebook Page
Dino Dogan: Lousy Martial Artist & recovering Engineer. Pretty good songwriter, dog trainer & a biz blogger.
Dino Dogan,
Breakout Session: SEO 201
Breakout Session: Gamefication
DIY Blogger Net Blogsite
triberr Mainsite
Dogan Dogs Video Blogs
Dr. Janice Elenbaas and her dog Bugsy the Wonderdog
Dr. Janice Elenbaas,
Building Your Brand to Reflect Your Principles
Lucky Dog Cuisine Mainsite
Janice Elenbaas on LinkedIn
Joe AKA Rhino Bear
Joe Everett,
Breakout Session: The ‘Other’ Social Media
TPPC.tv’s blogsite
TPPC.tv’s Blog Talk Radio Channel
Meet Joe (TPPCtv) on Twitter

Robbin AKA Princess Rhino Bear Tamer
Robbin Everett,
Breakout Session: The ‘Other’ Social Media
TPPC.tv’s blogsite
TPPC.tv’s Blog Talk Radio Channel
TPPC.tv’s Facebook page

Lauren and her trick dog, Paige
Lauren Girard and her trick dog, Paige,
The Power of Youtube
Meet Paige (&Lauren) on Twitter
Paige’s Facebook Page
Paige’s Youtube Page
Caroline, BlogPaws Co-founder!!
Eldad 116x120
Jane Harrell, Online Marketing, Petfinder.com
Jane Harrell,
Breakout Session: Facebook
Petfinder blog
Petfinder FurKeeps campaign
Dorothy Hearst speaks to wolves
Robbi Hess, Prolific writer, editor, and professional blogger
Firefighter Dayna Hilton and her fire safety dogs have been working together for almost a decade
Anne Hogan, Facebooking for Business & fun!
Ryan Hughes building websites since the age of 10
Ryan Hughes,
Breakout Session: WordPress 101 
Breakout Session: WordPress 201 with Widgets
OodleTech Mainsite
OodleTech Blog
Ryan on Twitter
Dr. Lorie Huston, Pet Health Care Gazette
Dr. Lorie Huston,
Breakout Session: Secrets for Making your Blog a Traffic Magnet 
Pet Health Care Gazette
Social Savvy Pets
Dr. Lorie on Twitter
Dr. Lorie on Facebook
CJ and her trick dog, Jasmine
Nikki Jeske, Designer, Illustrator, Co-Founder of I Love Rescue Animals
Nikki Jeske,
Twitter Strategies: Making Pawprints in 140 characters
I Love Rescue Animals
Meet Nikki (DesignCoyote) on Twitter
Nikki’s Snailbird blogsite
Skye Kilaen makes a difference for animals through effective activism
Sky Kilaen,
Be the Change: Advocating for Animal Welfare
Flooded Lizard Kingdom Blog
BlogHer: Life Well Lived Blogsite
BlogHer’s Facebook Page
Patrick Mahaney, educating on Pet Health all over the Web!
Joanne McGonagle and Gracey, THE Tiniest Tiger
Sam Moore, founder of Resonetrics

Sam Moore, 
Breakout Session: Analytics 
Resonetrics, LLC, website
Technology for Marketers blog

Ashley Niels, Co-founder of I Love Rescue Animals
Ashley Niels,
Twitter Strategies: Making Pawprints in 140 characters
Meet I Love Rescue Animals on Twitter
I Love Rescue Animal’s Facebook Page
I Love Rescue Animal’s Website
Robin Olson, Cat-centric blogger & founder of Kitten Associates, Inc.
Robin A.F. Olson,
Breakout Session: Analytics
Kitten Associates, Inc., blogsite
Robin’s Covered in Cat Hair blog
Paris Permenter: Tipping for dogs and cats (not cows)
Paris Permenter,
Getting Creative with Social Media
Dog Tipper Mainsite
Cat Tipper Mainsite
Paris & John Mainsite
Rachel Phelps uses her blog and influence to make a difference in her community
Rachel Phelps,
Breakout Session: Taking Your Blog Local
Preston Speaks Blog
Preston Phelps on Facebook
Preston Speaks on Twitter
Spencer Quinn writes the Chet and Bernie mystery series
Charlotte Reed writes about pets
Nate Riggs shows you everthing you wanted to know about Google + and Pinterest
Cat Mommy Laurie Ruettimann has Ginger Cat, Man Cat & Pee Cat
Laurie Ruettimann,
Breakout Session: Monetization 201
Mister Scrubby blog
Laurie Ruettimann’s blog
Penny Sansevieri, Author Marketing Expert
Penny Sansevieri,
Breakout Session: Publishing
Meet Penny’s AME Team & Mascots
Penny’s AME Marketing blog
Jamie Lynn Smith serious & successful animal welfare advocate & volunteer
Christina Sutu, Bringing Social Media to the Vet's office
Christina Sutu,
Social Media: Introducing The 21st Century Vet Practice
Encina Veterinary Hospital Blog
Encina Vet on Twitter
Encina Veterinary Hospital’s Facebook Page
Pet Care Bev travels everywhere with flat pets
Beverly Van Zant (a/k/a “Pet Care Bev”),
Consumer Relations Expert at P&G Pet Care
My Fire Hydrant blog
Adventures of Flat Tyler blog
Joy Ward addresses the junction of politics and pets
Dr. Terry Warren, AKC Canine Health Foundation
Pamela Webster knows how to be a more productive blogger

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