Does Anyone Read What I Blog About?


Domesticated 102By Carol Bryant

Raise a hand if this thought has crossed your mind in the past few days, weeks, or months. Perhaps this is a lingering thought in the back of your mind. The forces of self-doubt have a way of creeping up on all of us, no matter the cool exterior we may portray. I am one of those people who had more than one of those days, today in fact.

Analytics aside, blog comments tossed to the wind, LIKES and re-tweets be gone…as bloggers, we’re all still left with that one question: Who really reads what I write and does it make a difference?

I often wonder what types of posts touch a nerve or get to the core of someone reading it.  So in the past few days, it came to me: the lightbulb moment, the one of true “yep, that’s it,” the answer to my question about making a difference. Every now and then we all wonder if what we do matters somewhere to someone. Right?

I read on BlogPaws’ community member, Dawn Miklich’s blog, aFURmination, a quote that struck me. She interviewed Caren Osrin Gittleman, who writes two blogs: Cat Chat and Dakota’s Den. “Blog because you love it, blog because you love  your topic. Let your authentic self shine through your words. Not everyone is going to love you, you can’t please everyone,” Gittleman advises new bloggers. “Don’t give up. Learn to give and take with other bloggers. It isn’t all about YOU. Be supportive. Give other Domesticated 403bloggers what you want for yourself, an audience. Don’t just be a “taker.” Be sincere, readers and other bloggers respond to sincerity. Blogging shouldn’t always be self serving. People spot that a mile away and both readers and fellow bloggers will be turned off by it. “

I feel like a new blogger every day I sit behind the keyboard. Many times, I pull up a notepad and pen to write my thoughts, summarize my research, and start the creative process that behind a blog post. Caren’s words hit me like a 20-pound bag of kibble.

Loving what I do, there is no other path than to be authentic…in what I write, in what I share, and in how I convey that message.  I was affirmed, no pun intended, Dawn Miklich.

As if the second arm of a much-needed cyber hug embraced me, a comment appeared on my own dog blog this week. Sharing four things people could do to help a dog in need, I reported that fostering a dog with financial means is a viable and very doable option for many. Sigh, I hope someone hears me. And then she spoke.

“Thanks. I feel so helpless, living 70 miles from the closest shelter. But after reading this post, it gave me the idea how to help. So, I sponsored a dog, a little senior black dog. It sure helps my heart know that maybe even if my hubby won’t let me have more that one, I can at least help this way. Thank you so much for this much needed ideas. Being “only one person”, one thinks you can’t make much of a difference but it does, one doggie at a time. Again thanks!”

Someone is reading what I write. And a little dog somewhere in a completely different part of the country is affected, if in some small way.

Domesticated 843Have you been affected by a post that reaffirmed your blood, sweat, tears, and labor of love in pet blogging? Would love to hear about it…

12 Responses to “Does Anyone Read What I Blog About?”

  1. caren gittleman

    Thanks so much Carol. YOU helped me put MANY things in perspective that inspired my thought. My comment was a result of many things that have been going through my mind over the past year (at least) that still continue. I have to remind myself of my own words often!

  2. Kimberly, The Fur Mom

    I’m not sure if I’ve been impacted by one post, but I have been impacted by belonging to a community of animal lovers.
    My stance on many things remain the same, but I feel a bigger responsibility when it comes to my words.
    Finding a voice for my blog and not straying too far from is has made this a wonderful adventure for me with amazing opportunities.

  3. Beth |Daily Dog Tag

    Its a little surprising to realize that even a blogger with a huge following, might have a moment of “is anyone reading this?”. How great that you got the reassurance that yes, indeed, people are listening and you really are making a difference! I’m sure you’ve influenced more people (and pets) than you can imagine!

  4. Pamela

    It’s hard to remember we need to speak our truth regardless of whether anyone’s listening. But it can be hard to remember that.
    My foster dog is sitting at my feet now because I read Peaceful Dog Blog, Dog Foster Mom, and Love and a Six Foot Leash. They were open and honest about the joys and struggles of fostering. And they encouraged me to jump in.
    And it’s not just “inspirational” topics that have an impact. Teaching someone that they can earn a few dollars by blogging or encouraging them to explore technical issues can be the difference between a small effort and developing a stronger voice.
    Great post, Carol. Thank you.

  5. Colby

    I have moments all the time when I wonder who really reads what I write (besides my mom and my girlfriend) and does it make a difference?
    Just the other day I was reaffirmed that my message was getting across. Our guide dog group leader contacted me to let me know that she just interviewed a new puppy raiser who said she visited my blog and watched my videos and that sparked her interest to apply to the guide dog puppy raiser program.
    I think we as pet bloggers affect many people in many different ways, but very few stop to leave us a comment or send us an email letting us know that our blog’s have made a difference.

  6. Carol Bryant

    These are all so encouraging. As a writer/blogger, hearing how your words are making an impact, no matter how big or small, means a lot!

  7. dawn

    Now you see why I picked Caren to be the first blogger I interviewed. She gives great advice!
    I often wonder if I’m making a difference with my blog, if it’s worth my time. Lately, I’ve been looking at the search terms that bring people to it and it makes me think that I am making a difference even if I’m not seeing the direct effect. One of the highest searches in the last few months has been DIY rabbit toys. While no one has left a comment on this post it’s been seen so much I can’t help feeling that because of it there are some happy bunnies whose owners have put time and love into making them some great toys to play with.
    Recently the search terms “surrender a diabetic cat” brought someone to my blog. I’m hopeful that because of my blog they learned that a diet change may be able to make a huge difference for their cat and allow them to keep it or that they found Diabetic Cats In Need and were able to get help so they could keep their cat or at least were directed to a great organization that works hard to find sugar cats a home. It would be nice to know what happened, but I try to think the best of people and feel if they took then time to search maybe they took the time to do their pets some good.

  8. Robyn M Fritz

    On my blog, I wrote about this winter’s journey with my eldest Cavalier as she was dying from splenic cancer. I tracked the entries as numbers, and Entry 13 bounced around the internet, sometimes passed from one person, other times it showed up in a google search for dogs and splenic cancer. I received lots of support and also many hearfelt personal stories from people who had or were suffering like we were. I need to figure out how to reach a wider network of people, but the power of sharing is awesome. We were all able to comfort each other.
    I ended up turning the entire journey into an e-book, which included all the entries plus what to do when you’re faced with a life-ending journey, and found a new direction in working to reverse the current thinking in this country that early spay/neuter is a good thing. So, yes, even without a wide readership and needing time to investigate it, this does show that we do reach some people, and that we can both learn from and love each other.

  9. Jackie Bouchard

    Great post! I do try to not worry too much about the stats and whatnot and just write what inspires or amuses me. (If I don’t enjoy it, what’s the point??)
    I started my blog when our previous pup had bone cancer and needed to have her leg amputated. I mainly started it as a way to keep my friends and family informed about what was going on (and to actually bring some humor to the situation), without having to send out a bunch of individual emails. For a long time it was just my family/friends reading, but then I started getting comments from a woman in Argentina whose beloved dog also had bone cancer. Over the course of her comments, she told me she decided to amputate her dog’s leg because our Abby was doing so well. I loved getting updates in her comments about how well her dog was doing post-amp, once that extremely painful leg was gone. It was great to felt like I helped that woman and her dog during a very overwhelming time.
    For me, her comments were the best ones on my blog, ever.

  10. Dog Show

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  11. Glogirly and Katie

    We don’t blog about matters of importance….only matters of silliness. So I OFTEN wonder if anyone is reading or looking. As long as it makes me laugh and continues to be fun, I’m IN. …every once in awhile those notes from readers that have been touched in some way, even if it was to make them smile, warm my heart and light my fire.
    : ) Glogirly

  12. Lawrence

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