BlogPaws Asks… You Answer!


Picture2Now that 2012 is in the rearview mirror and 2013 is fresh, new and exciting and full of possiblities, we'd love to hear…

What were your blogging or social media successes in 2012. Did you have a blog post that garnered myriad comments? Did you build your Facebook page from scratch and now you're inundated with friends? Have you been speaking to pet-loving groups? Share your successes with us and we'll celebrate with you! 

7 Responses to “BlogPaws Asks… You Answer!”

  1. Carol Bryant

    I grew my Fidose of Reality blog and am very proud to say it was just ranked #1 in its category on Technorati.
    I got my career on track and well-defined goals were implemented.
    I was nominated for a Dog Writer’s Association of America Award.
    Most proud of the fact that Pet360 and BlogPaws are working together and I am a part of the team.
    Never give up on your dreams and goals – just put them into action and keep forging ahead. I am very excited for 2013. I just finished my 12 goals: One for each month. If I do more, it’s a bonus.
    Happy New Year, Robbi and everyone!

  2. Cokie the Cat

    Cokie’s mom, here…
    Carol just rocks her socks off, in case anyone didn’t know.
    My biggest social media success this year was becoming the Special Projects Manager for BlogPaws, which includes things like getting to spearhead our Be The Change For Pets mission with Chloe DiVita, co-host #BlogPawties and host our #BlogPawsChats (which are twice a month now – the 2nd and 4th Tuesday!).
    Thank you, BlogPaws and Happy New Year!
    Kristin Dewey

  3. Carma Poodale

    I give high paw to both you ladies! I think you both are pawsitively pawtastic.
    I have helped to educate more on spay/neuter and have increased the numbers of people signing up (with help of my ma), Passed my CGC test and became a certified Service Dog, started a website and through the year have assisted ma with our Humane Society dogs,showing them how to do basic commands, helped with potty training and successfully helped to find homes for every dog that was brought in our home for the training out to forever homes. There were 15 dogs that I worked with , they are now in 15 forever homes.
    Met some wonderful people and companies through social media and conferences and look forward to 2013 being a better year for shelter pets, blogging and more education on pet care.

  4. Carol Bryant

    Can I just say that Kristin Dewey is one of the best folks to work with – inspiring, smart, motivational, and a damn good writer, too…. Cokie is pretty darned smart, but well, you cat types crack me up 😉
    Carma, I am so excited to see you and your mom in 2013 at the BlogPaws conference. What a great group of accomplishments. Woof and wags!

  5. Glogirly and Katie

    I am most proud of a growing and engaged readership. I may not be one of the big blogs, but I think my blog personality connects. Friends and readers are like part of the family and know virtually everything about Katie and now Waffles Too …just like they were part of their own families.
    Happy New Year everyone!

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  7. Vanisia

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