BlogPaws 2011 Be the Change Panel: Little Book of Big Change

Click to Download the BlogPaws Little Book Of Big Change (PDF; 1.8 MB)
Dr. V (Jessica Vogelsang) at BlogPaws 2011
By Saturday afternoon, with Hurricane Irene passing by DC, the 2011 Be the Change for Pets speaker panel was at half it’s number. But Dr. V (Jessica Vogelsang) and Dorian Wagner remained to provide full strength information and lead a lively discussion with the stalwart pet bloggers in attendance.

Now, even if you had to leave early or couldn’t make it at all, you can access the learning, experience, and resources our Be the Change pioneers have collected into the BlogPaws Little Book of Big Change.

Download the BlogPaws Little Book Of Big Change (1.8 MB)

Dorian-AAHA-iPad2Winner Dorian was rewarded for her tenacity, in the end. She was able to complete the AAHA Healthy Pet Scavenger Hunt held during the conference and then won the drawing for an iPad2 at the closing ceremonies.

Looks like she was glad she stayed! ;-D

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  1. Hardcore BTCers REPRESENT! Dorian and I were joking that with the hurricane specialist and earthquake specialist in attendance, we had the bases covered. We missed Caroline and Jane terribly, but fortunately for us there was a fantastic group there who was eager to jump into the discussion and make it a great talk anyway!

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