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Announcing the “BlogPaws Best” Award Winners for SuperZoo 2022

Elvis the Beagle sitting in front of the SuperZoo 2022 sign | Announcing the “BlogPaws Best” Award Winners for SuperZoo 2022


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Announcing the “BlogPaws Best” Award Winners for SuperZoo 2022

BlogPaws is pleased to announce the winners of the BlogPaws Best of 2022 Awards from this year’s SuperZoo Tradeshow. The event was held August 23-25, 2022 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, and featured 900+ pet product debuts, 1,000+ exhibitors, and 16k+ pet professionals.

The BlogPaws Best Awards winners are:

Best New Product: Cage & Crate Cleaner by OxyFresh, Booth 3419

Best Cat Product: Adjustable String Wand by RompiCatz, Booth 4258

Best Dog Product: Recovery Overall by Paikka, Booth 7812

Best Small Animal Product: Enriched Life Wooden Puzzler by OxBow, Booth 4939

Best Bird Product: Foraging Fun Pack by Lafeber Company, Booth 7624

Best Reptile Product: Original Wood Reptile Enclosure by Zen Habitats, Booth 5219

Best Aquatic Product: Premium Shelf by Marco Rocks, Booth 5206

Best Technology Product: Smart Bottle by Healers PetCare, Booth 4366

Best Natural Pet Product: Dog Balm by Lucky Pup, Booth 7014

Best Household Cleaning Product: Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator by Unique Pet Care, Booth 3956

Best Grooming Product: P2 Pro Pet Grooming Kit by Neakasa by GenHighTech, Booth 6770

Best Sustainable Product: Organic Plant-Based Pet Waste Bags by Doo Good, Booth 3947

Best Travel Product: TickCheck Tick Testing by TickCheck, Booth 7515

Best Health Product: CheckUp at Home Wellness Tests for Dogs and Cats by CheckUp, Booth 7715

Best Enrichment Product: Magic Trick! Training Set by Brightkins, Booth 6866

Best New Innovative Product: Arkus Daily by Native Microbials, Booth 3803

Best Emerging Brand: Bow Wow Labs, Booth 3218

Best Packaging: Recycled packaging by Because, Animals, Booth 1246


Best of Awards from the BlogPaws Team:

Chloe’s Best in Show Pick: Farm Stand Collection by Lord Jameson, Booth 3719

Jessica’s Best in Show Pick: Stuffless Big Foot by Tall Tails, Booth 6911

Emily’s Best in Show Pick: The Cheese Adjustable Tunnel Cat Toy by PETradise, Booth 5014

Britt’s Best in Show Pick: Freeze Dried Raw Diet for Dogs – Fish Recipe by Boss Nation, Booth 1369

Christy’s & Elvis’s Best in Show Pick: Crispies by Bocce’s Bakery, Booth 1858


For photos of BlogPaws Best 2022 award winners, please visit here.


BlogPaws attended SuperZoo 2022 as media covering the show’s products and trends. The team scoured the floor on Tuesday, August 22 in search of products and brands with award-winning products to recognize. Awards were delivered to winning products and brands on Wednesday and Thursday and featured in BlogPaws Instagram Stories. 

“BlogPaws Best awards allow us to acknowledge and support pet brands within the pet industry across 23 categories. These winning brands are constantly innovating and pushing industry standards by developing species-specific products, solving simple but frustrating problems for pet parents, or even creating an entirely new product category,” said Jessica Shipman, CMO of BlogPaws. “Each BlogPaws Best Award Winner has innovated and improved the pet industry. We consider it an honor to help ensure that pet professionals and pet parents alike hear about it.”



About BlogPaws

BlogPaws is a media company focused on educating small pet businesses, covering trends in the pet industry, and providing services helping pet brands reach more pet parents online. For more information, please visit blogpaws.com.

BlogPaws is not affiliated with SuperZoo or the World Pet Association. BlogPaws Best awards are presented solely by BlogPaws and are in no way endorsed, sponsored, administered, or associated with SuperZoo.

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