• Twas Brillig and the Slithy Toves: Or How Many Times Did the Dog Poop Today?


    Post by BlogPaws Founder/CEO Yvonne DiVita When I first started blogging, over 10 years ago, I blogged every day. I wrote about marketing to women who shop online in a little blog called Lipsticking. Using SEO tactics relevant to the day, I rose quickly in the… read more


  • Harness The Power Of Halloween For Your Pet Blog

    halloween puppy

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess If you’re ever at a loss for what to write about, you can (this time of year, anyway) harness the power of Halloween for your pet blog. What do I mean? If you look at the calendar you will see… read more

  • Tips To Becoming A Writer: The Feline Edition

    cat blogging

    We’ve all been there…wondering what to write and whether inspiration will ever be within our grasp again, right? Well over at Scratchings and Sniffings there is a fantastic post that provides 18 ways in which to become a writer. Be advised that the information is from… read more

  • September Blogging Prompts For Pet Bloggers

    pot belly pig

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess  Wow, it’s hard to believe it’s September and in many parts of the country that means summer is winding down, the kids are going back to school and winter is peeking around the corner. In my part of the country… read more

  • Copywriting Secrets for the Pet Business


    by: Carol Bryant If you’ve ever clicker trained your dog, we want that click as pet bloggers. Amber Carlton says copywriting can help you get that click. I had the privilege of attending the Women in the Pet Industry (WIPIN) Conference in Portland, Oregon last week.… read more

  • Blogging Idea Starters For The Pet Blogger

    blog ideas

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess Gack! Not another blank screen! Not another day of having to come up with something to blog about! Unless you decide to take the advice in this recent post that offered five ways your pet blog can soar – you… read more

  • July Prompts For Your Pet Blogging Inspiration

    writing prompts

    With the Dog (and Cat!) Days of summer firmly gripping the country, you know you need to blog, but might be just to tired (and hot!) do to so. BlogPaws Community Member Kimberly Gauthier, of Keep the Tail Wagging, has provided a month’s worth of prompts… read more

  • Adopt A Cat Month: Month’s Worth Of Blogging Prompts

    adopt a cat

    BlogPaws is seeking your cat adoption stories and has a blog hop open for the month. If you’re sometimes at a loss as to what to write, though, BlogPaws Community Member Kimberly Gauthier, who runs the Keep the Tail Wagging blog, provided a month’s worth of… read more

  • Why Should I Give a Damn About Your Blog

    blog words

    by: Carol Bryant Seriously, did you ever ask yourself that as a reader and not a writer of a blog? “That” being  “why should I give a damn about your blog?” If you are solely writing for you and about you and by you and because… read more

  • BlogPaws 2014: Write Engaging Blog Posts

    engaging blog posts

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess Is your blog content so-so? Do you re-read it and find that it’s ho-hum? If that’s the case then you need to learn to write engaging content and that is what Rose Hamilton, EVP and Chief Marketing Officer at Pet360, and… read more