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  • How to Start a Pet Blog

    How to Start a Pet Blog

    One of the most common questions we get is about how to start a pet blog. To be seen as a pet influencer, it’s important that you have a blog. A blog serves as the main hub or home for all that you do with your… read more


  • How to Gain More Blog Traffic By Updating Older Blog Posts

    New Traffic for Older Blog Posts

    Everything old is new again, and this is certainly the case when updating older blog posts. New readers find your blog on a regular basis and sometimes, even your loyal followers miss a post or two. You can actually gain more blog traffic with content you… read more

  • SEO Should Not Make Your Fur Fall Out

    SEO basics for bloggers

    What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? When you use the Internet to find Whiskers’ favorite catnip or a new bone for Fido, the search engine responds with a list of relevant web pages. This is the Search Engine Results Page, or the SERP. These results are… read more