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  • 3 Tips to Writing Better Pet Product Reviews

    3 Quick Tips to Writing Better Pet Product Reviews - BlogPaws.com

    Writing reviews of the products you use and try out with your pets is a great way to create a dialogue with your readers. Sharing your honest experiences on what works well and what should be avoided makes for valuable content fellow pet owners love to… read more

  • 6 Ways to Test if Your Blog Niche is Too Small

    6 Questions to Ask to Test if Your Blog Niche is Too Small - BlogPaws.com

    Do you have a burning desire to blog about a special topic? Creating a blog that is dedicated to a niche you are passionate about can be immensely rewarding. I knew I wanted to write about paralyzed pets after my dog, Sophie, lost the ability to… read more

  • Use These 5 Basic Blogging Skills to Rock Instagram

    Using your basic blogging skills to rock Instagram | BlogPaws.com

    When I started my Instagram account, I had no purpose or strategy. Sure, a few people started following me, but I wasn’t building a real community there. Then I saw brands taking a big interest in the platform and realized it was taking off as a legitimate… read more

  • The Top SEO Terms You Need to Know

    The Top SEO Terms You Need to Know_ ALT Text

    Attention pet lovers, bloggers, and website designers! Do you want to optimize your website or blog to boost visibility on the Internet, but sometimes get stuck on technical terms along the way? When Google finds matches for your search, it considers more than 200 factors –… read more

  • 5 Ways Pet Bloggers Can Avoid Burnout

    5 Ways Pet Bloggers Can Avoid Burnout - BlogPaws.com

    When I first saw Carol Bryant’s post, “Are Traditional Blogs Dying?” here on BlogPaws, I was worried, and knew I had to read it immediately. I had already been concerned that perhaps blogs were going to become a thing of the past, as I saw many… read more

  • Getting the Most Out of Your Phone for Photoshoots

    Getting the Most Out of Your Phone for Photoshoots- BlogPaws.com

    Not everyone can afford expensive lighting equipment, cameras, shutter releases, tripods, photo-editing software… but those tools are not required to take quality photos of your furry friends, anyway. Despite what you might think, it is 100 percent possible to produce beautiful images, ideal for social media… read more

  • How to Turn Your Blog Into a Book

    How to Turn Your Blog Into a Book | BlogPaws.com

    You’ve been dedicating countless hours to your blog, pouring your heart and soul into creating quality content. Now you’re at the point where you feel you’d like to turn your blog (or another social media platform) into a book, and you’re asking yourself, “What do I… read more

  • The Mechanics of Hosting a Blog Giveaway

    The mechanics of hosting a giveaway | BlogPaws.com

    Bloggers host giveaways on their websites for a variety of reasons: increasing blog traffic and providing readers the opportunity to try products you have enjoyed using are two. Having a well-established plan for orchestrating a giveaway will help you to feel more confident and will help… read more

  • How to Take Irresistible Cat Photos for Your Blog

    Robin Mudge Big Image 840 X 560 Photographing Dexter

    Great cat photos are a hot commodity on the internet. Transforming your cat into the perfect spokesmodel for your sponsored posts is easier than you think. All it takes is a little time, training, and technique. Train Your Cat to Love the Camera Does your cat… read more

  • Content Strategy: How to Mine Existing Content for New Ideas

    Content Strategy- Mine existing content for fresh ideas - BlogPaws.com

    Why You Need to Go Beyond the Numbers It’s easy, and often necessary as a content creator, to get into a groove with analytics. You might look at your traffic daily or weekly, note what did the best, and work to repeat that success in the… read more