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  • How to Be Chosen to Speak Anywhere

    How to Be Chosen to Speak Anywhere | BlogPaws.com

    The BlogPaws RFP (request for proposal) is out. It’s circulating the web via social and email. I can see from the entries in our Wufoo form that we’re attracting some interesting submissions. Each year we send the RFP out for new, creative, talented speakers to present at… read more

  • BlogPaws Conference 2017 Early Bird Expiring Soon

    BlogPaws 2017 Conference early bird

    Does the early bird always get the worm? In the case of the BlogPaws Conference 2017, the early bird gets the best price. If you register for the BlogPaws 2017 Conference by December 31, you get the best price, the early bird price, AND you are automatically… read more

  • Request for Speakers Proposal BlogPaws 2017 Conference

    The RFP BlogPaws 2017 Conference

    Are you a dynamic speaker with a wealth of knowledge in a particular topic that would help attendees of the biggest, long-running, and original social media conference for pet bloggers? Of course, we’re talking about BlogPaws, and more specifically the BlogPaws 2017 Conference taking place in… read more

  • How Influencers Can Work Full Time & Find Time To Blog Without Losing Their Minds

    Claim and guard your writing time

    How Influencers Can Work Full Time & Find Time To Blog Without Losing Their Minds: I’ll tell you! When I first started blogging, I was working full-time, outside of the house and had a 45-minute commute, each way. I was working in a job that sucked… read more

  • Share 2016 BlogPaws Conference Posts

    Conference Linky Party 2016

    The BlogPaws 2016 Conference in Chandler, Arizona,  was a complete success and now we want to hear about it. Each year, BlogPaws hosts a linky party to share all BlogPaws Conference-related posts. If you write about the BlogPaws Conference in any way, shape, or form, share… read more

  • How to Remotely Partake in #BlogPaws 2016

    It’s here! The 8th #BlogPaws Conference kicks officially kicks off, Thursday, June 23, at the beautiful Sheraton Grand Wild Horse Resort in Chandler, Arizona. Though the temps are high outside, the real magic and heat takes place inside. Want to partake remotely? Read on. If you are… read more

  • Meet the Speakers: BlogPaws Videos

    pets and people galore at BlogPaws 2016

    Video is a major influence in online communication, marketing, and sharing. The popularity of cute cat videos, fun dog videos, and a variety of animals doing what they do best – make us laugh – has created a TV-like experience to being online. It’s not merely… read more

  • Making the Most of Your BlogPaws 2016 Experience

    BlogPaws brings bloggers brands and experts together for fun networking and education

    This will be my 8th BlogPaws conference. You would expect that, of course. I am a co-founder. Each year, the conference grows and changes and inspires me to step out of my comfort zone. Many folks aren’t aware of the terror I <used to> feel when… read more

  • Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: Learn to Earn

    Conference speakers at BlogPaws

    In 42 days, the Learn to Earn mantra comes full circle. The 2016 BlogPaws Conference will kick off in Phoenix, Arizona, and oh how we are ready! Are you? It is said that we don’t stop playing because we grow old, but we grow old because… read more

  • 9 Ways Being a Pet Blogger Makes You a Better Person

    fomo fear of missing out

    The human animal bond is alive and well at BlogPaws. We spend our days promoting and supporting it in various ways. The biggest way we support the all-important human-animal bond is by connecting to other pet people who “get it.” These are usually bloggers who include pets… read more