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  • Email Do’s And Don’ts: How to Write Professional Emails

    4 tips to a professional email

    When is the last time you picked up the phone and called a potential business contact? If you’re like most pet industry influencers, you communicate via email or text. Since we rely so heavily, it’s important to consider: Do you know and understand professional email dos… read more


  • Goal Setting to End the Year Strong

    set goals to finish the year strong

    It is tempting to coast at the end of the year. Taking the week off between Christmas and New Year’s is something many entrepreneurs do. In fact, many companies shutter the doors that week because they know employees won’t be as productive in the midst of… read more

  • Productivity Hack For Influencers: Social Media In 30 Minutes A Day

    social media success

    As a pet blogger or influencer, you need to give face time on social media. You need to be present. You need to tweet. You need to RT. You have to post comments on Facebook, reply to Facebook comments, share posts, find new people to like… read more

  • Are Traditional Blogs Dying?

    Are blogs dying?

    Are traditional blogs dying? As we prepare to close out 2016 and dive into a new year, let’s tackle a topic that the BlogPaws staff is asked time and again: What is the future of blogging? More specifically, is there a place for the pet blogger/lifestyle… read more

  • How Do You Serve Your Audience?

    How can you serve your blog's readers today? | BlogPaws.com

    Think about your blog’s purpose. Maybe it’s to empower kitten foster homes with education and a sense of community. Maybe it’s to make people laugh with stories and anecdotes about your multi-species household. Or maybe it’s to be a resource for dog lovers who compete in… read more

  • A One-Week Plan To Higher Productivity Through Time Blocking

    time blocking and productivity tips

    A one-week plan to higher productivity through time blocking may have you thinking I am trying to sell you snake oil. I’m not. Stick with me. As with any productivity tool, time blocking requires you put in upfront work to get everything in place, but once… read more

  • Bringing Leadership Skills to Blogging Your Business

    Leadership Skills for Blogging Your Business

    Leadership skills are not something you learn one day, or one week, and then put in your pocket for future use. They’re not something you set aside on your desk to refer to once in a while. They’re not to be dismissed lightly, though so many… read more

  • 13 Blogging Tips Influencers Should Ignore

    13 blogger tips to ignore

    Best practices are best practices for a reason, right? Yes, but you can find misinformation in any area of business, and that includes blogging and the marketing your blog posts. In this post, I will discuss 13 blogging tips that influencers should ignore. Why thirteen? Because it’s… read more

  • You’re Owed Money with No Hope of Payment. Now What?

    You’re Owed Money with No Hope of Payment. Now What | BlogPaws.com

    You worked hard. You took time to research the brand and product, to take amazing photos, to map out your content creating a story that is yours and authentically yours. You hit publish, and work some more. You promote and share and engage. You make sure… read more

  • Freelancing 101: Top Five Reasons to Write a Press Release

    Freelancing 101 press releases

    “I’m Robbi, a pet blogger, and I work from home. Recently I signed with a major pet company to do its blogging…” Yeah? Who cares? “I’m Robbi Hess, a LOCAL pet blogger, who has been blogging full time from my XYZ home office with my XYZ… read more