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  • Optimizing Blog Images for SEO

    How to Optimize Images for Your Blog

    You just finished writing the purrrfect piece of content for your blog. You’ve double checked your spelling, punctuation, added catchy headlines, and even formatted your content for SEO. In black and white, everything looks great. Whiskers even gave his approval with a friendly meow! But –… read more


  • How to Tell a Story with Photography

    Mary Hone Photography

    The world is a visual place, and blogs are the perfect example of visual storytelling. The words we write are very important to express our thoughts and ideas, but great images have a big impact on our story, too.  It goes back to when we were… read more

  • Boost Your Blog 10K with Photography

    Boost Your Blog 10K Free Workbook

    Two paws up to everyone who participated in the January Influencer Challenge. It was a huge success! We are continuing the “Boost Your Blog 10K” challenge with a different focus each month. Last month we looked auditing and re-purposing your old content to increase page views. This… read more

  • Ten Photo Resources and Tips for Pet Bloggers

    by: Carol Bryant Social media networks have quite literally, exploded: From pet blogs to microblogs on such platforms as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more, social media is in its prime. Photos are a huge part of social media, and the right photo can often times make… read more