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  • Natural Pet Food Movement: The Whys And Whats


    Post by Blog Manager, Robbi Hess “Going green.” “Natural hair and make-up.” “Environmentally friendly” products. “Healthy, all natural pet foods and pet products.” These phrases and lifestyles are being embraced by many pet parents so it only makes sense that food and pet product manufacturers would begin… read more


  • Are Pigs The ‘New’ Puppy? Small Pet Appreciation Month


    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess I was listening in to a conversation in one of my pet groups in which our PR Manager Carol Bryant was being interviewed and she mentioned BlogPaws and our Small Pet Appreciation Month and asked if pot belly pigs are… read more

  • Responsible Pet Ownership Means Knowing When Not To Have A Pet

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess “I worry about my dog,” “I hope my family has been taking care of my kitty the way I used to,” I hear these comments and more when I visit my mom at the nursing home and it made me… read more

  • Off the Beaten Path Pet-Friendly Travel Tips


    Pets are an important part of our family and when it comes time to travel, there are many considerations to keep in mind. As someone who has traveled with her dogs for over 20 years, it can be done. I’ve been to bed and breakfasts, small… read more

  • How to Get Fit With Your Pets


    January means a time of resolutions and BlogPaws is resolving to help you, pet bloggers and microbloggers and all pet parents, get fit with your pets! Each month, BlogPaws hosts a theme and we build many of our posts and chats around that particular theme. We’re… read more

  • Wordless Wednesday – Contemplating the New Year

    Desert sunrise Mary Hone

    Wordless Wednesday – Contemplating the New YearDesert Sunrise Submitted by Community Member Mary Hone As we ring in the New Year we reflect on our lives over the past year. On our accomplishments and failures. Our ups and down. Our successes and unmet goals. We also… read more

  • Pets As Holiday Gifts? Studies Say It’s Not A Bad Thing


    Post by Robbi Hess #GivingMonth at BlogPaws is officially winding down because 2013 is coming to a close. As pet lovers, though we all know that giving back and giving to pets and pet shelters and rescues is something that should be ongoing. When it comes… read more

  • Caring For Cat Health At The Holidays


    Post by Robbi Hess Jingle Bells. Deck the Halls. Knock the ornaments off the tree! Such are the things I deal with because I have two cats and two kittens in the house — the kittens, though are more than a year old, they are actually… read more

  • Wordless Wednesday – Lounging Around

    Chester Eying the Cat

    The picture of this adorable cat (below) was shared in the BlogPaws Community by member Lisa Baker. Make sure you stop by and check out the other pictures she has shared! You can add the BlogPaws Blog Hop button to your post and/or to your blog… read more

  • Resolve To Give Back To Pets Before Years’ End And Into 2014

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess A local shelter is advertising "half-price pet adoptions for the holidays." I understand their wanting to get the pets adopted and get them into loving forever homes. I am conflicted though because I've written in the past about not giving… read more