• Your Blog, Your Business, Your Book?

    Your Blog Your Business Your Book

      What is a book? A book is content. A book is educational. A book is funny or silly. A book is challenging. A book, in essence, is a compilation of someone’s thoughts. Those of us who are readers, who rarely let a day go by… read more


  • Freelancing 101: How To Manage Your Time

    How to manage your time

    This headline–how to manage your time–is a bit of an oxymoron. Why? Because you can’t actually manage time. It ticks, ticks, ticks on regardless of what you’re doing–or not doing. All we can do, as pet blogging professionals, is to manage how we use and how… read more

  • Want to learn to be a better writer? These resources can help!

    Writing Resources

    When I taught college English, I had versions of this conversation with many students every semester: Student: “Ugh, I don’t want to take this class. I’m a terrible writer!” Me: “Terrible? May I please see what you’ve written?” Student: “Well, I haven’t written anything…” I’d draw… read more

  • The How To Pitch List

    Know Your Market Before You Pitch

    A look at how-to pitch and get your content on other blogger’s blogs or blog sites, like BlogPaws. The concept of pitching a piece (story, and everything is a story) is not new. Freelancing is a time honored way to build a career and improve your… read more

  • 9 Ways Being a Pet Blogger Makes You a Better Person

    fomo fear of missing out

    The human animal bond is alive and well at BlogPaws. We spend our days promoting and supporting it in various ways. The biggest way we support the all-important human-animal bond is by connecting to other pet people who “get it.” These are usually bloggers who include pets… read more

  • 7 Amazing Stories You Should Write About This Week

    the Joys of cat parenting

      [NOTE: This is Yvonne. When I wrote this post I accidentally hit publish instead of ‘save draft’ and one of the pictures made it out on social media. As a result, I had a long and educational conversation via a private Facebook group about why… read more

  • If You Don’t Do It, Someone Else Will

    Take the Leap of Faith

    The most common phrase for getting it done is “Just do it.” Desire fame and fortune? Go get it. Want to be a published writer? Just do it. Have a burning need to achieve full-time, paid status as a blogger? Go for it. The problem with… read more

  • Blogging 101: Inconsistent Blogging Is Hurting Your Pet Blog

    The importance of consistent blogging

    Bottom line, blogging is a way to boost your brand and its visibility. It doesn’t matter whether you are a one woman or one man show or if you’re part of a larger pet business, if you start a blog then don’t write and post you’re… read more

  • Blogging 101: How to be an Organized Writer

    If I gave you $168, how would you spend it? This is the question you should ask yourself on a daily basis because, if time is money, then the 168 hours you have in a week is as good as money, am I right? What do… read more

  • The art and science of storytelling (and why it matters for your pet blog)

    Storytelling for pet bloggers

    We got lost driving out to the no-kill shelter in northern Virginia. In fact, we almost gave up because, by the time we found our way around the horse farms and dirt roads to the right gravel drive, we only had half an hour to meet dogs… read more