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  • 12 Ways to Invest in Your Blog Blog Hop


    The first week of 2018 I do not make any huge decisions nor heavy declarations. I like to be different and invest in myself in a way that is unique to me. If you feel the same way, here is a bonus: 12 ways to invest… read more


  • Write Faster, Earn More: Confronting Writer’s Block

    Write Faster, Earn More_ Confronting Writer’s Block

    To write more quickly, you’ve got to kick your inner critic out of the room during the first draft and have faith that you can turn a mess into a masterpiece. In the previous two posts in this series, we explored the power of your writing… read more

  • 2017 Year in Review: The Best of Pet Blogging

    2017 Year in Review_ The Best of Pet Blogging

    As 2017 comes to a close, we decided to take a look back and see which posts were the most popular this year. Pet bloggers: This is a great exercise to end the year, and it helps to have the list on hand when you’re planning… read more

  • Why Top Influencers Love the BlogPaws Pet Influencer Network

    Why Top Influencers Love the BlogPaws Pet Influencer Network

    BlogPaws aims to inspire, educate, and cultivate the top Influencers to share their love of pets with their readers, fans, and followers and to help them make some money along the way. Through the BlogPaws Pet Influencer Network, influencers have been able to share their passion… read more

  • Last Call for Early Bird BlogPaws 2018 Blog Hop

    BlogPaws early bird reminder

    Fa la la, and a new year is dawning. This final week of 2017 blog hop is dedicated to early bird pricing for the BlogPaws 2018 Conference. We know how busy things are during the holiday season, so you may have missed the news that Early Bird… read more

  • How to Develop a Source Guide for Blog Posts

    Any reputable journalist will tell you that when reporting or writing an article, sources are essential. A source guide is one tool in the blogger’s arsenal of must haves, and this post will explain how and why to develop your very own source guide for blog… read more

  • Announcing Your 2018 BlogPaws Ambassadors

    BlogPaws Conference Ambassadors 2018

    An ambassador is someone who shares in a mission and helps support it every step of the way. Each year, BlogPaws selects a group of pet bloggers as ambassadors to the conference. They are chosen for their professionalism and talent, and this year’s group is no… read more

  • What are 301 Redirects? Everything a Pet Blogger Needs to Know

    What are 301 Redirects_ Everything a Pet Blogger Needs to Know

    Even for a seasoned pro, building a new website is no easy task. While there is a basic process to it, there are a lot of little issues that can slip through the cracks. One of the biggest of those issues is broken pages. The term… read more

  • The List of Lists Blog Hop

    How to do a blog post of lists

    This week’s blog hop is a very popular topic: Lists!!! Lists are one of the best ways to drum up blog traffic IF they are done right. List posts work because the headline pulls you in and grabs your attention. You must learn more about that… read more

  • How To Do a Social Media Audit

    Social Media Audit

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year, which means it is also a perfect time to engage in a social media audit of your social properties. Step by step, no matter what time of year you are reading this blog post, this information will serve… read more