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  • How to Be Chosen to Speak Anywhere

    How to Be Chosen to Speak Anywhere |

    The BlogPaws RFP (request for proposal) is out. It’s circulating the web via social and email. I can see from the entries in our Wufoo form that we’re attracting some interesting submissions. Each year we send the RFP out for new, creative, talented speakers to present at… read more


  • Bringing Leadership Skills to Blogging Your Business

    Leadership Skills for Blogging Your Business

    Leadership skills are not something you learn one day, or one week, and then put in your pocket for future use. They’re not something you set aside on your desk to refer to once in a while. They’re not to be dismissed lightly, though so many… read more

  • Good Content that Gets Readers to Sit and Stay!

    good content that gets readers to sit and stay

    It’s no surprise that I am comparing ‘good blog content’ to training a dog. Or a cat, for that matter. The reality is, intelligent beings of all manner can learn to sit and stay, if taught properly. Our content at BlogPaws often gets folks to sit… read more

  • Why I Guest Blog and You Should, Too!

    Guest Blogging Tips

    Guest blogging–where you write content on someone else’s blog in return for a link back to yours and recognition of your expertise in the subject matter or when you accept content from guest bloggers on your blog–has changed over the years. In the early days of… read more

  • Thinking – Writing – Speaking: How Words Matter

    Words Matter Thinking Speaking or Writing

    “You’ll be our keynote speaker this year,” she said. “Yes, I know,” I said. She couldn’t hear my heart thumping like a bass drum, but I could. Understand that it wasn’t fear of speaking that was making my heart pound and my throat close up! It… read more

  • Conferences and Training Events – A Quick How-to Guide

    Principles of Politeness in Social Media

    When I was a budding entrepreneur, oh-so-many years ago, one of the things that troubled me on a daily basis was how to choose the right places to be, at the right time. Specifically, the team and I would review conferences and training events and wish… read more

  • How to Write Any Kind of Blog Post Authentically

    3 Key Points in Writing Authentic Blog Content

    As a regular reader of BlogPaws, I expect you are familiar with the concept of authenticity in blogging. This involves creating and using a voice or tone that is yours alone. Your blog has a tone that people recognize as yours. Your blog is dedicated to… read more

  • How To Write a Blog Post In Four Hours

    Blog photos should be relevant and always crisp and clean

    Who already knows how to write a blog post in four hours? Share your tips below, please. For many bloggers, however, the idea of how to write a blog post in four hours can seem daunting. I promise you it’s not! Blogs are much like online magazines,… read more

  • Your Blog, Your Business, Your Book?

    Your Blog Your Business Your Book

      What is a book? A book is content. A book is educational. A book is funny or silly. A book is challenging. A book, in essence, is a compilation of someone’s thoughts. Those of us who are readers, who rarely let a day go by… read more

  • The Etiquette of Email Communication

    Email Etiquette

    This post is not about email marketing, although the advice can easily apply to email marketing messages. I’m sharing this today because we are a digital society. We communicate via social media and email more than we do face-to-face, it seems. As an introvert, I do… read more