Be The Change for Pets


Welcome to the BlogPaws focus on Be the Change for Pets

At BlogPaws, we believe all animals can be pets, of a sort, and all animals deserve to be treated with love and respect.

Our mission for Be the Change for Pets remains:

  • Where will Be the Change for Pets lead us?
  • What can we accomplish together?
  • What can you do to help make a difference?

Be the Change Blog Posts

  • Keep Your Pets Cool This Summer


    Summer is just around the corner and chances are you and your dog will be looking for ways to stay cool this summer. Our friends at Deaf Dogs Rock wrote a great post on 10 summer tips to keep your dog cool. Check it out and… read more

  • BlogPaws Celebrates Earth Day By Going Green

    PISC green initiative

    by: Carol Bryant BlogPaws celebrates Earth Day 2015 with an unprecedented movement never before seen at a BlogPaws Conference. We are going green and plan to strive for a near zero-waste initiative in Nashville with our 500 attendees. BlogPaws, Only Natural Pet, and the Pet Industry… read more

  • Rescuing Mr. Cookie 600Million


    Alex Pacheco, ¬†Founder and Executive Director of is raising money to rescue the Forgotten Dogs of the Fifth Ward in Houston. You can watch his rescue video here that took place during an Operation Houston #StrayDogCity. They have started an Indiegogo campaign so they can… read more

  • Celebrate National Pet Day Today

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess Today is National Pet Day. If you’re a pet lover, chances are every day in your home is National Pet Day, but today is a day set aside to raise awareness of pets in need of loving home, to raise… read more

  • Rabbit Care And Safety Tips


    If you, or anyone that you know, received a rabbit for Easter you will definitely want to read this post from Crayons & Collars that offers fun facts about rabbits. According to the post, “Rabbits are great companions, especially when allowed to show their full personalities!… read more

  • Extreme Weather Pet Protection Act

    pet protection

    With the brutal winter that the Northeast and many other parts of the country, and world, experienced and with the upcoming brutal heat that will hit other parts of the country, a group is looking to pass an Extreme Weather Pet Protection Act. The Act is… read more