Be The Change for Pets


Welcome to the BlogPaws focus on Be the Change for Pets

At our first BlogPaws Conference a challenge was issued: What could we, the online pet community, do to help pets in need? The BlogPaws community took up that challenge and became an advocate for pets in need, launching our Be the Change for Pets channel. Over the course of every year, we work with pet people, sponsors, and brands to raise funds for donations to animal rescues and shelters, the very organizations that need our attention and help, each and every day.

We work to feature adoptable pets, raise awareness of animal cruelty cases and recognize those pet lovers/enthusiasts who are out there diligently working to make a difference in the lives of animals everywhere, oftentimes at great expense to themselves, either in cash or time or both. At our conferences, we provide training for volunteers and shelter managers, on how to make their Be the Change for Pets work more successful.

At BlogPaws, we believe all animals can be pets, of a sort, and all animals deserve to be treated with love and respect.

Our mission for Be the Change for Pets remains:

  • Where will Be the Change for Pets lead us?
  • What can we accomplish together?
  • What can you do to help make a difference?

Be the Change Blog Posts

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  • Natural Pet Food Movement: The Whys And Whats


    Post by Blog Manager, Robbi Hess “Going green.” “Natural hair and make-up.” “Environmentally friendly” products. “Healthy, all natural pet foods and pet products.” These phrases and lifestyles are being embraced by many pet parents so it only makes sense that food and pet product manufacturers would begin… read more

  • BlogPaws’ Daily News Bite: April 11: National Pet Day


    Today marks National Pet Day. While April 11, 2014 is a day to celebrate our furry, feathered or scaled family members it also has a sobering connotation. National Pet Day is a day to remember all of those pets that are taken to shelters — many… read more

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    the dog lies on the beige carpet and looks at vacuum cleaner

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  • Animals Rescued From A Puppy Mill Taken In By AWLA


    According  to a press release, the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria (AWLA),  an Emergency Placement Partner for the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has taken in ten dogs and four rabbits that were part of 180 animals rescued from a puppy mill in Arkansas in… read more