Be The Change for Pets


pawject runway Olivia Newton “Dog” winsWelcome to the BlogPaws focus on Be the Change for Pets

At BlogPaws, we believe all animals can be pets, of a sort, and all animals deserve to be treated with love and respect.

Our mission for Be the Change for Pets remains:

  • Where will Be the Change for Pets lead us?
  • What can we accomplish together?
  • What can you do to help make a difference?

Be the Change Blog Posts

  • The Passion Of Raw Feeding For Your Cats

    2011 Robin OlsonCiCH Spencer_med

    Guest post by Robin A.F. Olson What would happen to you if you ate a bowl of cereal every day, for every meal, for the rest of your life? Would you be bored out of your gourd? Would you stop wanting to eat? Do you think… read more

  • BlogPaws News Bite: Puppy Mill Protest Planned


    It’s a frightening statistic, but puppy mills bring in more than $55 billion annually on the sale of puppies that are bred in inhumane conditions. The parents of these puppies suffer and many of the puppies themselves deal with life long injuries and illnesses. The American… read more

  • Silence Your Inner Critic and Go After What You Want

    Silence Your Inner Critic

    Guest post by Kimberly Gauthier One hundred people can tell me they love my blog, but one person calls me passive aggressive and that’s the comment I focus on.  This is something many of us have in common.  I’m always envious of people who focus on… read more

  • BlogPaws News Bite: Helping Canadian Pets Find Homes

    Face Watch Canada

    A unique Indiegogo fundraising project is underway in Canada and it is all about benefiting shelter pets. Face Watch Canada has launched a project that will raise money for the SPCA; each watch sold will benefit an SPCA shelter in Canada. You can read more about… read more

  • Top 5 Reasons You Do Not Deserve A Pet

    puppy kitten

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess In a perfect world there would be a test for those who want to become pet parents or pet guardians. Sadly, as we see all too often people get pets without thinking what it will actually mean to: Have a… read more

  • BlogPaws News Bite: Books For Woofs Book Drive


    This came across our desks and we just had to share! Have too many books on your bookshelves? Get rid of them for a good cause! The Mdzananda Animal Clinic Khayelitsha is collecting books for its annual charity book sale at Cavendish Square on the 28th… read more