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  • Blog Hop: How to Improve Your Photography of Your Pets

    taking photo of pet

    How to Improve Your Photography of Your Pets By Jessica Shipman I’ve always been passionate about photography. Growing up I attended every single event with a disposable camera in tow. I just loved being able to capture funny or special moments and enjoy them just as… read more

  • Creating Blog Photos That Are Shareable

    best blog photos

    Blog photos are a great tool to use when creating content for both your blog and social media. They not only provide a visual element to your blog post, but they also can provide an opportunity for more shares. But what are ways to enhance your… read more

  • Brand Sponsored Content: Take Photos That Brands and Readers Will Love

    photo brands will love

    How does one take photos for sponsored posts brands will love? It comes down to what brands are looking for—promotion! What promotes better than photos or video? Nothing. Even if no one reads your sponsored posts, you want them to skim through the post to see… read more

  • Blog Hop: How Jen Takes Pictures of Her Dog for Instagram

    blog hop wednesday

    How to Take Great Pictures of Your Dog for Instagram Before Instagram came along, I’d lug my heavy camera around on hikes and trips and take some photos, but my camera would rarely make an appearance. I wanted desperately to improve my photography skills, but I… read more

  • 7 Best Image Editing Tools to Use for Your Photos

    A picture can be priceless when it comes to storytelling.  It allows us to “show” instead of “tell” and it also allows us to express ourselves differently. I am a sucker for compelling images, and I’m not ashamed to admit that. I will flip through a… read more

  • Storytelling in Blog Content: Tell a Story With Photos

    storytelling in blog content

    I’ve been storytelling since I was a little girl. In elementary school, we had book contests each year, and I would submit a story along with drawings on each page to illustrate the words I had written (I won first place for a couple years!). Nowadays,… read more

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