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From the BlogPaws Team

  • Make Each Session a Win-Win at BlogPaws 2016

    It all starts with a kiss

    Question: How do you make each session a win-win at BlogPaws 2016? Answer: You make a plan. We’ve talked about plans before. You’ve been instructed to create a business plan for your blog and to consider the concept of a daily plan for your work. Now I… read more

  • A Blogging Terminology Guide: What New Bloggers Need to Know

    A Blogging Terminology Guide FB

    New to the blogosphere? Welcome! You’ll love it here, though I’ll be the first to admit: With all the acronyms and buzzwords, it’s tough to know what’s what when you first get started! So, here for you is a short blogging terminology guide with some of the basics.… read more

  • 3 Steps for Finding Juicy Little Keyword Nuggets

    KEYWORD word cloud business concept, presentation background

    Anybody can run a list of keywords (or phrases) through a tool and sort the results. That’s a simple matter of copy, paste, point, and click. Where the pros deviate from the pack is in their ability to find targeted keyword ideas. Keywords drive “traffic.” What’s… read more

  • Freelancing 101: Tips For Work From Home Pet Bloggers

    freelancing 101

    When you work from home, chances are your friends and family think you “work” from home. This means, when they have an errand to be run, a child to be watched, a dog to be walked, or a coffee to be sipped, they will call upon… read more

  • BlogPaws Poised to Go Green for Second Year in a Row

    PSC goes green with BlogPaws

    Can you imagine a pet-welcoming conference that reduces waste and by collecting compost, recycles most everything, and helps the environment while teaching others how do it. ? To Go Green is to care about the environment. Get ready….. BlogPaws, Only Natural Pet, and the Pet Sustainability… read more

  • Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: 28 Day Countdown

    Getting nose to nose

    With 28 days to go until the BlogPaws Conference kicks off in Phoenix, Arizona, sometimes a picture…or video…says what a blog post simply cannot. Such is the case with this week’s Wordless Wednesday blog hop. What exactly makes someone come to a BlogPaws Conference? Rather than tell… read more

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