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From the BlogPaws Team

  • 2017 Holiday Social Media Challenge

    We are so excited to announce the BlogPaws’ 2017 Social Media Holiday Challenge! This challenge is designed to help you feel more confident trying new things as we prepare to enter a new year. As we share tips, tricks, and action items, we’ll all learn how to… read more

  • How to Write a Pet Friendly Thanksgiving Blog Post

    How to Write a Pet Friendly Thanksgiving Blog Post

    I am often considered to be “that lady who takes her dog everywhere” in some circles, and nothing could make me more proud.  Having pet friendly holiday traditions is something we look forward to in our family every year. Holiday traditions are meant for the whole… read more

  • Blog Hop: 25 Ideas for Pet Blog Holiday Content

    Holiday content for pet bloggers

    Capture the magic of the holiday season with your content. Even if you are not big into the holidays, many of your followers/readers probably are. As a pet blogger or someone who shares pet-related content on social media, having holiday content ready to roll is a… read more

  • How to Do Keyword Research for Your Next Blog Post


    Typing words into a search box is how it starts: Knowing what keywords to use, why to use them, and how to infuse both short and long tail keywords into your next blog post is what this how to is all about. Before you sit down… read more

  • How to Explain Pet Blogging to Your Relatives This Holiday Season

    How to Explain Pet Blogging to Your Relatives This Holiday Season

    Recently, someone told me that “pet blogger” sounded like one of those fake jobs cited by house hunters on HGTV reality shows. I laughed—it kind of does!—but I started thinking about all the friends and family who just don’t get blogging, let alone pet blogging. With… read more

  • Authentic Content vs TMI: How Much Is Too Much to Share?

    Authentic Content vs TMI- How Much Is Too Much to Share-

    As bloggers, we share our lives to connect with our readers. Among bloggers, that falls on a wide spectrum, with some sharing every detail and others sharing barely a glimpse. Have you ever worried about not sharing enough (to seem real, honest, and authentic) versus sharing way too… read more

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