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  • The Ultimate List of Pet Blog Content Ideas

    The Ultimate List of Pet Blog Content Ideas

    As April winds down and we head full-steam into late spring and early summer, all those brilliant ideas and goals from the first quarter of the year sometimes start to dissipate. This is the time of year when motivation wanes. If you find yourself in that… read more

  • 11 Surefire Ways To Build Engagement On Your Pet Blog

    11 Surefire Ways To Create Engagement on Your PetBlog

    Back in 2010, Tom and Caroline and myself (Yvonne) wrote a series of posts about engagement and comments on blogs. I thought I’d update and recap a bit today, since this is a prime issue with all bloggers. It’s true we blog because we must –… read more

  • 20 Quick Time Management Tips For Bloggers

    time management

    You’re a busy pet blogger, am I right? If you had a lot of free time, you’d write more posts, work on other projects, attend networking events, meet friends for coffee and lunch and get your dog groomed, your laundry done, and your house would be… read more

  • Affiliate Marketing FAQs for Bloggers

    Affiliate Marketing Networks for Bloggers

    How are you doing with the Affiliate Marketing challenge? The challenge is wrapping up this week, but there’s still time to learn and apply the challenge to your blog. I pulled some of the frequently asked questions as they pertain to affiliate marketing and put them… read more

  • BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: Countdown to Phoenix

    BlogPaws Conferences

    In 57 days, the magic happens. BlogPaws, at its core, is a social media educational conference that happens to welcome pets and their parents. Whether or not you blog for or about pets, the conference is geared for ANYONE on social media or who blogs (or… read more

  • Blogger Collaboration: How to Increase Blog Traffic As a Unit

    Blogger collaboration

    Taking a well-researched blog post and pairing it similar content from a blogging buddy is a technique to add to your ever expanding blogger toolbox. Increase blog traffic through blogger collaboration: Used properly, this technique can soar. Blogging is not a solo effort: You rely on… read more

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