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  • 5 Simple Steps to Grow Your Audience with YouTube

    With the increase in online video consumption, YouTube is quickly becoming one of the largest social platforms online. And, while most people think of YouTube as the epicenter for cat videos, it’s also a great place to build an audience for your business or personal brand.… read more

  • Stay Motivated During The Dog Days Of Summer

    embrace dog days of summer

    Aaaahhh summer. Time to kick back, take time off and enjoy. If you’re an entrepreneur, solopreneur or petpreneur, you may want to rethink that. Imagine this scenario: You “take the summer off,” you stop marketing, you don’t attend networking events and you stop posting on your… read more

  • Wordless Wednesday Summer Taking Photo Tips Blog Hop

    Summer Taking Photo Tips

    If the thermometer is rising in your area, this is a perfect opportunity for summer pet photo taking time. A picture says a thousands words, so this Wordless Wednesday blog hop is dedicated to photo tips. Lock in the image requirements for blog posts! Summer is… read more

  • How to Write Organic Blog Posts for Paid Content

    How to Write Organic Blog Posts For Paid Content

    A good story that is well told, SEO friendly, solves a problem, and is rich in resources, fact, and actionable takeaways are the elements of a solid blog post. Couple that with shareable, high-quality images and/or video, and, as Jay Baer says, you can “atomize your… read more

  • How to Blog with a Voice that Will Build Your Following

    How to Blog with a Voice that Will Build Your Following

    You know those bloggers who captivate you, no matter what the topic? That’s often because they write with a strong, likable voice. As a blogger, when you develop the right voice, your readers won’t be able to resist sharing your posts. What a great way to… read more

  • How to Create a Branding Strategy for Your Pet Blog

    How to Create a Branding Strategy for Your Pet Blog

    How much thought have you put into your branding strategy for your pet blog? What is branding anyways? A brand is the emotional experience or connection a person forms with your business. Branding is so much more than just a pretty logo and the colors you… read more

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