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  • Stop Getting Jealous and Start Celebrating Other Influencers’ Successes!

    Stop Getting Jealous and Start Celebrating Other Influencers' Successes! | BlogPaws.com

    There comes a point in every influencer’s career when they see a friend land an opportunity that they wish they had. Whether that opportunity is a paid promotion of your favorite product, a trip to LA for a red carpet movie event, or a visit at your favorite… read more

  • How Influencers Can Find Mentors Or Accountability Partners… & What They Are

    accountability partner

    There has been conversation in the BlogPaws Community recently centered on finding a mentor. Jan Horning of PawBellish asked, “Where can I find a mentor?” This got me wondering how influencers can find mentors or accountability partners… and what they are. There is a difference in… read more

  • Starting a New Blog? How To Choose the Blogging Platform That Is Right for You

    Starting a New Blog? How To Choose the Blogging Platform That Is Right for You

    When starting a new blog, one of the first decisions you have to make is where you want your blog to live. In other words, step one is deciding what blogging platform works best for you and your blogging goals. Some of the big players such… read more

  • Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: Protecting Pets


    If you care about animals and have a traditional blog and/or on social media, this Wordless Wednesday blog hop is dedicated to you. October is a few days away, and that means National Animal Safety and Protection Month. One of the great parts about shining the… read more

  • Recycling Older Blog Content for Social Media

    Recycle blog posts

    Blogging is a laborious but rewarding effort. Pouring one’s heart, soul, time, talent, research, and keystrokes into a finished piece of prose is one part of the blogging equation. Recycling older blog content for social media usage is the very pivotal other half of the equation.… read more

  • Formatting Your Blog Content for SEO

    Formatting Your Blog Content for SEO | BlogPaws.com

    Once you’ve come up with the purrfect blog post topic and catchy headline, the next step is to not only gather ideas and create content, but to properly format it all. Referring back to the importance of search engine optimization for blogs, a solid format gives… read more

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