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  • Are You Playing Fair with Copyrights?

    Copy Cat?

    Post By BlogPaws Co-Founder Tom Collins The subjects of copyright infringement and fair use in blogging have been discussed in our community and I’ve participated in several of those threads, most recently in the Cat Bloggers Group — hence the image I chose to use here (from… read more


  • Lessons Learned From First BlogPaws Live 365 via Google+ Hangouts On Air

    Blog Post by Tom Collins The BlogPaws team recently hosted its first BlogPaws Live 365 hangout with three of the speakers who will be in attendance at BlogPws 2014 in Vegas. Here is what we learned from that hangout: Lesson 1. When you do a Hangouts… read more


  • What’s Wrong With This Guest Blogging Pitch?

    Emily: the guest posting gatekeeper

    By Tom Collins We got a doozy of a guest post pitch recently! I’m not going to identify who sent it, but I thought we could make a game out of finding the mistakes. Spelling, grammar, social, strategic — how many mistakes can we find? But… read more


  • Should pet bloggers work for free? It depends on …

    By Tom Collins I don't know about your pets, but Chester, Emily, Olive, and Molly like to eat. Heck, Yvonne and I like to eat. And a few free servings of dog or cat food, or a new bag of litter, or some kind of pet-focused… read more

  • Are you flying to BlogPaws 2013?

    By Tom Collins — [Note: This is a rerun of my post from 2011, but I’m pretty sure the hotel and airports haven’t moved! ;-D] We’ve had some questions about which is the “best” airport to fly into for BlogPaws 2013, so here’s the map showing… read more

  • Can procrastination (and your blog) help you get your book written?

    By Tom Collins Blog writing and book publishing have always scored at the top of our surveys for topics pet bloggers want to learn about. So here are some quick thoughts on those themes, inspired by two blog posts that hit my inbox this morning. Confessions… read more


  • Get Live-Streaming & Recorded Sessions from BlogPaws 2012!

    The BlogPaws 2012 Live-Streaming Registration page is OPEN! Two full tracks of the breakout sessions at BlogPaws 2012 will be live-streamed and recorded for later viewing. And the live-streaming will include the ability to participate in real time via chat and social media! Check out the… read more

  • Friday Freebies for Bloggers: DogTipper’s Free Dog and Cat Photos

    By Tom Collins This one belongs under: How did I not know this before??? But in case you didn't either … I was over visiting Paris and John's DogTipper blog and noticed the "For Bloggers" link in the nav bar, scrolled over it, and bingo! Down… read more

  • Friday Freebies for Bloggers: Fun Infographic Tool from Intel

    By Tom Collins I came across this one in a WebProNews post by Chris Crum: Intel's free tool called What About Me? that enables you to automatically create an infographic about yourself! The data about you comes from your Facebook account, along with your Twitter and… read more

  • Friday Freebies for Bloggers: Information is Free, but What’s it Worth? – Part 1

    By Tom Collins I know myself well enough to know I won't always find the time to try out a new tool, or put together a tutorial each week for the Friday Freebiesseries. So I've been planning to include occasional "curation" posts, linking you to stuff… read more