The Life of The Oreo Cat’s Person


Join as Chloe DiVita, All Pet Voices Co-Founder, and Tina, The Oreo Cat’s Person, talk about what it’s like to manage famous cats’ social media accounts. Oreo has over 2 million followers on TikTok alone!

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Chloe DiVita, All Pet Voices Co-Founder – 0:02

Hello, and welcome to Pet Voices LIVE. We are so excited today to have a famous cat’s person with us. And that famous cat is Oreo the cat. And we’re just so excited to learn about what it is like behind the scenes because we all get the final cute videos and pictures. We get all of the amazing content. Meanwhile, Tina, who has joined us, has to be creating that and I doubt it happens on the first try. So we’re going to learn all about that today.

And if you don’t know Oreo the cat, he is a leading visionary in social media management and content creation. He’s known around the world for social media presence in many, many different places. I know on TikTok you have over 2 million followers and that’s just amazing. He works with popular brands. And the cool thing about it is it’s him but it’s really Tina, who has the expertise in video and content creation and has inspired partnerships around the world.

She also writes books. That’s something I want to get in there. She’s got six books including for children’s books.

Oreo the cat has a very big following as do his siblings, Onyx and Pudding. Yes, the official sorry. It’s THE Oreo Cat. It’s important. I just want to call him Oreo, but he’s a brand. He’s The Oreo Cat.

Tina, The Oreo Cat – 1:22

“The Oreo Cat” comprises all of them together. So when we talk about “The Oreo Cat,” people know that it’s Oreo, Onyx, and Pudding. It’s the three of them. It’s a group. So Oreo is Oreo. He is Oreo the cat. So the three of them together, with me included, are “The Oreo Cat.”

Chloe DiVita, All Pet Voices Co-Founder – 1:45

The Oreo Cat. I love it.

So The Oreo Cat is comprised of these three wonderful cats who all have their own unique story. Which one did you have first?

Tina, The Oreo Cat – 1:58

I got Oreo first.

Chloe DiVita, All Pet Voices Co-Founder – 2:01

Okay, I kind of thought so, but I wasn’t sure. And how old is he?

Tina, The Oreo Cat – 2:05

He’s six.

Chloe DiVita, All Pet Voices Co-Founder – 2:07

He’s six. So he’s still spunky and young.

Tina, The Oreo Cat – 2:09

Yeah, he’s still got some energy in there.

Chloe DiVita, All Pet Voices Co-Founder – 2:17

I know Pudding is sort of the baby.

Tina, The Oreo Cat – 2:20

Mm hmm. Yeah, he turns a year on June 14. So he’s almost a year old.

Chloe DiVita, All Pet Voices Co-Founder – 2:29

That’s coming up. You’ll have to have a birthday party.

Tina, The Oreo Cat – 2:32

Yeah, oh duh. We definitely will.

Chloe DiVita, All Pet Voices Co-Founder – 2:35

Oh, good. Good. What about Onyx? How old is Onyx? Where does he fall?

Tina, The Oreo Cat – 2:37

She’s five, so she came in a year after Oreo.


Chloe DiVita, All Pet Voices Co-Founder – 2:43

And you’re outnumbered, even when you’re not making video content. So it’s you and three famous cats living there. Give us an idea of, even without the video content, what is a typical day like with three cats who are part of your job almost.

Tina, The Oreo Cat – 3:05

Well it’s pretty much… I work part time doing other things and then the rest of my time is spent on this so it becomes like a full time job. In the morning after my… I teach online every morning very early, so as soon as I’m done with my classes we start. The first thing is get ready, brush Oreo, get a photo, whatever you know. After that, they’ll eat a few times a day so you know get up in the morning, feed them, work, and then give them a snack. Brush them. Chase Pudding around and try to get him to stop wrestling Oreo because he likes to jump all over Oreo so I got to chase him around a little bit.

Chloe DiVita, All Pet Voices Co-Founder – 3:52

I’ve seen some of those videos!

Tina, The Oreo Cat – 3:56

He likes to climb the walls too. He does these things where he jumps up the wall so I’m chasing Pudding a lot. He’s always in something. He’s always doing something. The amount of times I say, “What are you doing?” I’ve lost count. Oreo and Pudding take a little bit more work because they have long hair so they get brushed. Onyx, she doesn’t really need to be brushed.

And there’s playtime. I spend a lot of time other than filming with them. I spent a lot of time playing with them and getting them to spend their energy because if they don’t Oreo will wake me up in the middle of the night for food. So you have to play with them enough during the day. I do that maybe two to three times a day. I’ll do little play sessions. Pudding has the most energy so I spend a lot of time running around trying to get him to play.


Chloe DiVita, All Pet Voices Co-Founder – 5:01

Do they have favorite games? Do they each like different things?

Tina, The Oreo Cat – 5:05

Yeah, kind of. Onyx will play with any toy you hand her. Any type of plush toy or ball or a piece of plastic or whatever. She’s pretty easy. She’ll flick around. Pudding likes this specific toy on a stick. It’s like… the people who watch us live know what I’m talking about. It’s this little ball on a stick, and he grabs the ball in his mouth and he takes you for a walk with it. So he literally keeps the ball in his mouth and you have to walk with him with the stick and he goes and he plays and he likes those little plastic springs that he bats around.

And Oreo likes little plush balls. And he has this one toy that’s a plush and it’s a mix between a ball and a toy. It’s supposed to be a jellyfish. He likes to knock them around with his paws, but he also likes to suck on them. So every once in a while, I’ll catch him and he’ll turn around and have the ball in his mouth and he’s literally like sucking on it. You see the thing moving in his mouth. So yeah, they’ve all got their little things that they like.


Chloe DiVita, All Pet Voices Co-Founder – 6:18

Does that make it easier to do some of your content creation with them? Or is it like, Who’s the easiest to get out what you want?

Tina, The Oreo Cat – 6:26

The easiest is Oreo. He’s super intelligent. He just as soon as you take out the treats. He sits, he stays. He knows right away when the cameras in front of him. He sits down. He stays there. All you have to do is say, “Sit. Stay.” with the camera out. He’ll respond to certain hand gestures as well. So if I want him to point at something with his paw, and I’m behind the camera, I’ll make a circular motion with my hands and he knows he has to point. Sometimes I just have to put something in front of him and he’ll know he’s got to tap it. He was the easiest to get to do things.

Onyx has learned “sit” and “stay” but she doesn’t always do it.

And Pudding is… well Pudding is Pudding. He’s really the most difficult because no matter how many times you try to tell him “sit” and “stay,” he always gets up and wants to play with something or tries to eat the camera. You can’t really put hats on him or anything like Oreo because when an Oreo sits and stays, you can put a hat on his head and he just sits there you don’t have to tie it or anything and Pudding is still all over the place but he’s a lot of fun.

Chloe DiVita, All Pet Voices Co-Founder – 8:00

It seems like they kind of complement each other well. If you had to give them each a… you know how in high school way back when they used to do superlatives like “Most Likely to This” or “Class Clown” or different things like that. What would you label them all?

Tina, The Oreo Cat – 8:18

I think Oreo would be “Most Likely to Take Over the World.”

Chloe DiVita, All Pet Voices Co-Founder – 8:26

He’s working on it.

Tina, The Oreo Cat – 8:27

Yeah. Onyx would probably be “Most Likely to Rob a Bank” or “End Up in Jail” or something like that because she’s super sneaky. She’s like a ninja. She’d be the criminal.

And Pudding would be… maybe he’d be the “Class Clown.” Obviously. “Most Likely To?” I’m not sure exactly yet.

Chloe DiVita, All Pet Voices Co-Founder – 9:01

It’s funny. I got that idea to ask you that because you have a fan here, Marcy, who gave them all a name. She said “Oreo is a performer, Pudding is a Goofball, and Onyx is a Regal Lady.”

Tina, The Oreo Cat – 9:14

Yeah, a regal lady.

Chloe DiVita, All Pet Voices Co-Founder – 9:16

That sounds pretty close to what you’re saying. A Regal Lady who’s a little bit of a criminal.

Tina, The Oreo Cat – 9:22

Oh my god. Yeah, she’s a real ninja. One minute, she’s over there. And then you turn around, and she’s over there and you have no idea how she got from from there to there.

Chloe DiVita, All Pet Voices Co-Founder – 9:34

She’s stealthy!

Tina, The Oreo Cat – 9:36

Yes, she’s stealth. That’s it. That’s what somebody said the other day in our livestream too.


Chloe DiVita, All Pet Voices Co-Founder – 9:41

Oh, I love it. So give us a behind the scenes. Tell us about a time when you had the best idea ever and you tried to put it all together and they weren’t cooperating.

Tina, The Oreo Cat – 9:51

We had to do this video this winter for a Universal Promotions or Universal… not Universal Studios… it was for a film, for the movie Cats. And we got approached by the company to do a video on TikTok for this movie, Cats, so I came up with the idea of trying to recreate the movie or the play but at home. So I went online and I looked at the backgrounds and things and I made my own background that looked similar to the movie Cats and I brought their cat tree up to… because my kitchen table is their stage. I built this thing around the kitchen table and I had the tree in the back and everything and I had this big black curtain hanging on two poles. It’s for taking pictures and stuff like that, just a background. I had stuck the moon and the stars to this curtain. To try and get the curtain to stand up without Pudding trying to pull it down… I did get it on film finally, but it took me like three days to film this thing and I kept having to take Pudding away and put him in another room while I filmed Oreo and Onyx. Because Oreo would stand there. He would do his stuff.

And then as soon as you’d let Pudding out of the room, the curtain would start moving and he would try to knock the whole thing over. And then the branches on the tree were coming off and the stars were falling down… And I was trying to film and meanwhile, I was like “No Pudding!” Trying to go and grab him so that he wouldn’t end up underneath the curtain somehow or whatever it was. It was a disaster because I was alone. I got some good outtakes from making that but yeah, that was a whole huge production that I should have probably have taken a little more time to think about before I decided to do it. But it turned out good.

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