How to Come Back From a Blogging Hiatus With a Bang


It’s perfectly normal to take a break from blogging every now and then. Whether you went on a much-needed vacation or life just got in the way for a couple months, a blogging hiatus isn’t the end of the world. However, according to Social Media Examiner, inconsistency is considered one of the most dangerous blogging mistakes out there, so it’s important to return with a bang if you’re MIA for a prolonged period of time.  

How to come back from a blog hiatus

Give Your Blog a Facelift

If you took some time away from your blog, there’s no better time to give your blog a makeover than just before you make your return. It’s a way to tell your readers that you’re still devoted to your blog and you care about its upkeep. Before you get started, really take a look at your blog with new eyes. What could be cleaner? Is it time for a new color scheme? New font? What are the blogs that you admire doing with their setup? Once you take the time to make some quality changes, don’t forget to announce the makeover on your social outlets. Let your followers know you’re back and better than ever!

Invest in a Few Boosted Posts

To really come back with a bang, invest in a few boosted posts on your different social outlets. Even throwing $30 at a boosted Facebook post promoting your blog could reach new eyes and gain you new followers. If you’re going to put all that hard work into giving your blog a makeover, wouldn’t it be great to gain some new readers along the way? Additionally, since you’ve been taking a little break, you very well may have lost some readers. You want to let everyone know you’re back, so some extra advertising wouldn’t hurt. Get step-by-step instructions on how to boost a post on Facebook

Take the Time to Plan out Your Editorial Calendar

Part of the reason many bloggers take a break, is because they don’t have a handle on their editorial calendars. When you’re planning your future posts, plan further in advance than you think you need to. If you have all your posts laid out in front for the next couple months, you’re more likely to stick to it and get all of your writing done. If you find that you can’t keep up with writing a post every day, that’s okay. Instead, try writing a couple posts a week, but planning further ahead.  

What’s your go-to move when returning from a blogging hiatus?

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