Wordless Wednesday – Curiosity


Curiosity as Photographed by Allen Pearson

Here is what community member and animal photographer Allen Pearson has to say about this picture. Shy, playful, then curious, all in one shoot.
Can you believe that on May 16, just a mere 8 days away and we will be face to face with many of you in Tysons Corner, Virginia for the FIFTH
BlogPaws Conference?! Woot and Gulp!

The BlogPaws Team is in complete overdrive. The phone lines going back and forth between our offices are burning up and the emails are flying faster then our fingers can type – all to bring you the most amaizng conference yet! If you aren’t registered for BlogPaws 2013 click over and register right now!

Since BlogPaws isn’t here yet and Wednesday is that means it is time for BlogPaws
Wordless Wednesday blog hop! A chance for you to link up and share your pets with us! How much fun is that? A day each week that we here at BlogPaws devote to getting to see YOUR pets! This is also a grea time to meet others that will be at BlogPaws, netowrk, make friends, and find your new buddies.

Visit and leave comments on other blogs to make some new buddies and
maybe some new followers.
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6 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Curiosity”

  1. Kristin

    Beautiful facial expression in this photograph. Wishing you a great BlogPaws Conference!

  2. Debbie

    Such an adorable face! Thanks for hosting this weekly blog hop.

  3. Jane

    I’m a newbie here. My Yorkie is #43 on the Blog Hop. Thanks for hosting Wordless Wednesday!

  4. Bailey

    Beautiful shot.

  5. Marquie

    Aww! Such a sweet and beautiful face!
    Marquie, Lassie & Petal