Two paws up to contest winners


This came across our desk and we just had to share the new that was announced at BlogHer

Two of our community members, Jessica Vogelsang (Dr. V of Pawcurious) and Janiss Garza are both winners in the BlogHer’s Voices contest. They were chosen for Niche blogging and there were over a 1000 entries for Voices.  

Congratulations, Ladies! 

5 Responses to “Two paws up to contest winners”

  1. Sparkle

    I just want to say it was MY post that won, even if my human’s name got attached to it. I will have more to say about this tomorrow on my blog.
    BTW, congratulations to Dr. V!

  2. Penelope

    Concatulations to both of the ladies – and Sparkle!!!

  3. Pup Fan

    Awesome… congrats to both!

  4. Caren Gittleman

    Soooo happy for both of you!