Simple Tips on Better Twitter Usage


Twitter-birdby Yvonne DiVita

From Search Engine Journal's "Want More Clicks on Twitter?"

1. Write tweets between 120 -130 characters. 
After all, how can I retweet if you don't leave me space to qualify your message? 

2. Place links about 25% of the way in.
People like an introduction to the link and I think they appreciate a qualifying reason, after seeing the link.

3.  Don't overtweet.
Apparently, too much tweeting turns people off. I take it to mean tweeting too many times in a short amount of space – 25 times in one minute, for instance. Space your tweets.

4. Use the right phrases and words.
It never hurts to say, "please" or "share" – but, using other terms can be detrimental. Visit the article to see what they are.  

5. Experiment with . Not using that yet? Visit it here and familiarize yourself with it. 

There are a few more bits of advice on the SEJ site, via the article. Hop over and see for yourself. If you utilize these ideas, share the results with us. 

  • Joan DeMartin

    Thanks for sharing these tips, Yvonne-excellent!