Friday Freebies for Bloggers: DogTipper’s Free Dog and Cat Photos


By Tom Collins

This one belongs under: How did I not know this before???

DogTipper-FreePetPhotosBut in case you didn't either … I was over visiting Paris and John's DogTipper blog and noticed the "For Bloggers" link in the nav bar, scrolled over it, and bingo! Down dropped a link to their Free Dog & Cat Stock Photography galleries.

As the gallery page notes, they've "been photographing professionally since the late 80s." They've organized dozens of their photos into dog, cat, and general pet-related categories.

And they've invited us all to use them, asking only for a link back to DogTipper — which, of course, you'd want to do in your photo credit anyway, right? The only limitation is that their images can't be "sold or compiled." But you're free to use the web resolution images, even "to resize, crop, etc." And if you need higher resolution copies for print, you're invited to contact them.

Don't you just meet the best pet peeps at BlogPaws?

6 Responses to “Friday Freebies for Bloggers: DogTipper’s Free Dog and Cat Photos”

  1. Carol Bryant

    Well this is a great resource to have. I’m always on the “prowl” for good photos of dogs and cats. TY for sharing!

  2. Colby

    Thanks for the resource. I’ve been looking for a place that carried stock photos of dogs and puppies. I’ve also been thinking about putting up a similar resource on my blog.

  3. BlogPaws

    Oooh, Colby, let us know when yours is ready to share!

  4. Paris Permenter

    Thanks so much for sharing this, Tom! We’ve got tons of additional photos we need to add so if anyone’s looking for something specific, just let us know! Paris

  5. caren gittleman

    THIS is GREAT!!!
    I never knew!
    Thanks for the “paws up” about it!


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