BlogPaws Weekend Question


BlogPaws asks a question each weekend to get our readers and followers more engaged and learn about one another. We ask, pet lovers answer. WIthout further ado, BlogPaws asks….

What would you most like to change about the way (some) people perceive pet bloggers/microbloggers?

4 Responses to “BlogPaws Weekend Question”

  1. dawn

    I really can’t think of any perceptions I’ve heard lately. It used to be a niche that was made fun of- great aunt Mary had a blog where she blogged about her 20 cats kind of thing. I think as more and more people have joined the niche, and it grows and even as outside niches grow and people see the power of the blogger the jokes and perceptions about pet blogs has gone down.
    Of course, I could just be hanging out in the wrong places and that’s why I haven’t heard anything.

  2. Jana Rade

    I was not aware there was some bad perception of pet bloggers. Frankly, my blog has a specific mission to educate, help and support dog owners who are looking for help and support. What the rest does or doesn’t think about it is of little concern to me.

  3. Doreen

    This is an easy one for me. Being mainly a reviews and giveaways blog, people think I got in it to receive free products. However, if they truly follow me, they will discover that I donate a lot of the products we receive to our local rescues and shelters. ALL pet beds go to our local rescues and shelters, which they use either for themselves, for fosters or as raffle/auction items. In addition to the beds, loads of other products have made their way into the hands of the rescues and shelters to use as they see fit. This really makes me happy and I am glad I can not only do something I love (blog) but also give back to my pet community. Some businesses are quite surprised by this and I think it is why a lot of them work with me over and over again.

  4. caren gittleman

    that we aren’t worthy of being paid for our services in any other form other than via products.