• Spoil Your Pet Month And Weekly BlogPaws Recap


    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess February is the month when thoughts turn to love and that’s why we kicked off Spoil Your Pet Month and as part of the weekly BlogPaws recap we bring you everything you might have missed while you were off spoiling… read more


  • Web Accessibility Part III- Digging Deeper: 5 Free Tools

    #1 Blog WAVE Tool 2014 Jenny Lewis (3)

    Guest post by Jenny Lewis A web accessible pet blog is a great way to broaden our audience base. Part 1 of this series highlighted how disabled pet parents would benefit from the knowledge, entertainment and products that our blogs provide. Part 2, highlighted several examples… read more

  • What Pet Bloggers Need to Know About WordPress


    WordPress is one of the platforms used by pet bloggers and also one of the most question-generating topics at the BlogPaws Conference and throughout the year in our community . At the BlogPaws 2013 Conference, pet blogger and WordPress guru, Karen Nichols, presented a session for… read more

  • #Thankful For Funny Lion Video

    Today as we spend time with our family, friends and fur-babies, we wanted to share this amusing lion video.  Happy Thanksgiving!  You can watch the video here.  (the photo is a video screen shot) … read more

  • Being a Successful Participant in a Twitter Chat

    #BlogPawsChats have become so popular and often move so quickly, we’ve heard that some of you feel lost in a sea of tweets. That is why we put together this short guide to help you wade through the surf and have a successful chat. If YOU… read more

  • The Truth About Paid Product Reviews and Disclosure

    by: Carol Bryant Have you ever been asked to write a product review for a company’s service or product? If you are a blogger or microblogger, no doubt you either have (countless numbers of times) or you will be courted if you are just starting out.… read more

  • Pet Industry Leader Reveals Pet Blogger Impact

    by: Carol Bryant Klooff. Have you heard of it? Klooff is an app that allows users to share a dog walk with people near you, tag and share pet photos on Facebook and Twitter, get your pet a profile, and more. Klooff is also a company… read more

  • What Pet Bloggers Need to Know About BlogPaws

    Have you been to a BlogPaws Conference and wonder if anyone captured you there and perhaps the spirit, ambience, flavor, and tone of the entire event? Or maybe you want to come to BlogPaws but never quite made it and 2014 is your year. Beyond the… read more

  • How Pet Bloggers Can Use Instagram

    by: Carol Bryant Have you tried Instagram yet? With the plethora of social networking sites and services available, who has time for yet one more app/platform/program? This is one you might want to give a second look. If you love taking photos, aren't always up for… read more

  • GPS Tracking Collars: Where Will It All End?

    Guest post by Dave Taylor I'll start out saying that I haven't owned a dog in a few years. I'm a cat person now and the idea of tracking my cat's activities seems ridiculously boring: couch. bed. food. window. couch. In about a six hour cycle.… read more