• Blogger Education Month: Blog Posts We Enjoy


    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess We spent quite a bit of time this week, as we do every week, reading blog posts by great bloggers both in and outside of the pet industry. We’re not sure how much time you have to devote to finding… read more


  • Web Accessibility Part III- Digging Deeper: 5 Free Tools

    #1 Blog WAVE Tool 2014 Jenny Lewis (3)

    Guest post by Jenny Lewis A web accessible pet blog is a great way to broaden our audience base. Part 1 of this series highlighted how disabled pet parents would benefit from the knowledge, entertainment and products that our blogs provide. Part 2, highlighted several examples… read more

  • Web Accessibility Part II – 5 Ways to Make Your Blog More Accessible to the Disabled

    Image #2 Art-2 Accessible vs Inaccessible - 2014 Jenny Lewis (3)

    Guest post by Jenny Lewis As pet bloggers, we want our content to be accessible to a vast audience of pet lovers.  The disabled are among the ranks of devoted pet parents who benefit greatly from our fun, informative blogs. Have you thought about how “accessible”… read more

  • Can You Afford To Attend BlogPaws 2014? Can You Afford NOT To?

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess I recently returned from a BlogPaws Executive Team Retreat and my head is still spinning from all of the ideas that were put forth, the walls of Yvonne and Tom's house that were covered with our white board brainstorming sessions… read more

  • Malice in Wonderland

    by Yvonne DiVita, BlogPaws Co-Founder and blogger at Scratchings & Sniffings There's malice in wonderland! What do I mean by that? I mean, someone…multiple someone's, at times … is stealing content from other bloggers, like me! Or you!  It's a reoccurring issue across the net, and… read more

  • Can procrastination (and your blog) help you get your book written?

    By Tom Collins Blog writing and book publishing have always scored at the top of our surveys for topics pet bloggers want to learn about. So here are some quick thoughts on those themes, inspired by two blog posts that hit my inbox this morning. Confessions… read more

  • Should You Be A Guest Pet Blogger?

    Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess Have you ever wondered if guest blogging is something you should pursue? Are you finding that your website just isn’t showing up in the search engines the way you’d like it to? Do you want to expand your reach?… read more

  • Everything You Ever Wanted To Ask About Online Marketing…

    by Yvonne DiVita, Cofounder of BlogPaws Everything You Ever Want To Ask About Online Marketing in 10 Questions or Less. Yes, in 10 questions (not less) I'll share everything you've ever needed to know, ask, wonder, or learn about online marketing. And, if you believe that,… read more

  • BlogPaws 2012 Pet Blogging and Social Media Award Winners Announced

    BlogPaws, the first online pet community to establish an offline social media conference, announced the twelve winners of the 2012 BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Pet Blogging and Social Media Awards in an exclusive red carpet awards ceremony on Saturday, June 23rd at BlogPaws 2012 in Salt Lake City,… read more

  • Jumpstart And Maximize Your Blogging Time

    Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess You're likely still going through your goodie bags from BlogPaws 2012 and every business card you collected, right? Well, don't let the dust settle on your good intentions from the event. Whether your plan was to connect and interact… read more