Very Important Pawsuns

  • Pet Industry Star Sandy Robins on Pet Blogging

    sandy robins

    Ever wish you could sit down for a one on one with one of the country’s foremost experts in the animal world? Short of having pet industry rock star, Sandy Robins, visit you each personally, Pet World Insider sat down with Sandy for a person-to-person look… read more


  • Speaker Spotlight: Build A Business, Not Just A Blog


    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess Are you a “just” a blogger or are you a business owner? Do you continually look for ways to grow your following, get new readers and find new and better ways to promote your blogging efforts on social media? Do… read more

  • How Bloggers Can Monetize for Profit

    sandy robins

    When I came to America I didn’t have a single contact in the industry. I am going to share certain things that I did to build contacts to illustrate how if I – someone who doesn’t even speak “American English” – can build a big platform,… read more

  • Do Small Pets Matter?


      You bet small pets matter! In fact, small pets are a billion dollar industry. In fact, more households now boast small animals, fish and reptiles than ever before. According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), for 2013-2014, pet parents spend the most money on… read more

  • NEWS FLASH: BlogPaws Teams With Winn Feline Foundation


      Cats matter, and that’s one of the messages being delivered at the BlogPaws 6th Annual Conference on Lake Las Vegas in May. The Winn Feline Foundation has teamed with BlogPaws to present the annual Winn Media Appreciation Award to one select attendee. BlogPaws has upped… read more

  • Manny the Frenchie Opens Up to BlogPaws


    by: Carol Bryant Manny the Frenchie: Have you heard of him? Is there something familiar about this rock star of the dog world that rings a bell? If you are on Instagram, there is no doubt you know who Manny the Frenchie is and why tails… read more

  • Twitter Takes BlogPaws Trending Nationally


    BlogPaws celebrated this past Sunday with our third annual #BlogPawty for four hours.  All pet lovers were welcome to join in the fun and excitement, and oh did we break records. Twitter took BlogPaws trending nationally! On the surface, a Twitter gathering, ‘pawty’, and/or chat might… read more

  • BlogPaws Reveals Speakers for 2014 Conference


    BlogPaws is proud to announce its preliminary speaker lineup for the Sixth BlogPaws Social Media & Pet Bloggers Conference taking place May 8-10, 2014, in Henderson, Nevada – on Lake Las Vegas – just 30 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. Hotel rooms are available at… read more

  • My Pet is Better Than Your Pet


    by: Carol Bryant Okay my pet is better than your pet. Well, of course not, but judging by the explosion of pet parents and pet bloggers taking to the BlogPaws Community, Twitter, Instagram, microblogs, and more: Pets are trending, moving into mainstream travel acceptance, and have… read more

  • How to Stand Out in the Pet Blogging Niche

    by: Carol Bryant I want people to follow me on Facebook. I wish more people would comment on my blog. I need my voice to be different than everyone else in the pet blogosphere. I want brands to notice me. How many times in the past… read more