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BlogPaws is the original online
resource specifically created to help pet enthusiasts and pet families connect
online and offline. We enhance conversations, build rapport and support
shelters and rescues. Our conferences bring talented professionals together
with pet bloggers and pet families to learn how to enhance their social
networks, support non-profits and shelters/rescues of choice and to build
strong relationships with brands in an open, friendly, supportive manner. Our focus
on education and learning, while still having fun, creates a friendly
environment to work in.


Pet bloggers are among
the most vocal and passionate people on the Web today! This includes those pet
peeps and people on Twitter |Facebook | Pinterest. The opportunity to connect
one-on-one with these influential pet families via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest,
blogs and numerous other social media outlets has never been greater or more
powerful. For brands looking to work with pet parents online and off, in an
authentic and mutually beneficial manner, BlogPaws is your go-to resource. We
have the connections and insight to provide extraordinary service and response.

Our bloggers learn
how to work with brands at our conferences and throughout the year in our
social media community, online. We bring you the best of the best (and
sometimes that’s a small, new blog that has amazing promise – promise you can
tap into as a friend and supporter). We bring you the most talented bloggers
and micro-bloggers. We bring you pet families eager to hear your story – and
share it.


Ferret-brown-3DHere are just some of the ways BlogPaws can assist you TODAY!


Pet Blogger Ad Network advertising: This depends on the number of impressions for your ad campaign. Please email Chloe at BlogPaws dot com for more info. We are currently in our launch phase and have some great advertising deals!

Newsletter Advertising: This reaches over 1600 pet
people, a number that increases each week! Your rich media ad or text ad will
connect with the right people – people eager to connect with the brands they
buy and support every day.

Community outreach: We’ll help customize your
message and have it sent directly to our community members. The close to 2000 pet
bloggers and professionals in the community are happy to share your message or
connect with you to work on your programs and projects.




Twitter programs: We can assist you on Twitter with Twitter Chats, Twitter Coffee Klatches, Tweet-Ups and sponsored #BlogPawty events – themed to your purpose. Let us know what interests you and we’ll make it happen.

Blogger Outreach: Bloggers unite to share
your message on their blogs and social media platforms for as little as a week
or as long as 6 months! Creating a program that is shared by
10 | 20 (or more) of our talented bloggers, is a surefire way to create buzz.
Their original content will bring a compelling focus to your message. All
programs are customized. Bloggers participate by invitation.

Pinterest programs: Let us help create an event,
contest or branded Pin pawty to share your message. Pinterest is new and
exciting as a marketing opportunity. Get in on the ground floor and let
BlogPaws work with you to explode your marketing message on this popular

Facebook programs: Open discussions with
select bloggers in a closed group setting to share your message and give you honest
feedback. Choose a group of our reputable bloggers to review your up and coming
commercial message, print ad, or product launch. Get immediate, valuable
feedback in a closed, private setting – honest, attentive conversations that
will show you what the pet community thinks of your latest marketing effort.

Spokesbloggers: BlogPaws has a growing list
of the most talented, the most influential, and most approachable bloggers in
the world. These are our rock stars. Like spokesmodels, our professional
bloggers will represent you in an exclusive manner, over a period of six months
to one year. Let us connect you with the right one for your brand. Email us for
more info.



Conference Sponsorship Opportunities:

The yearly BlogPaws
Social Media Marketing conference is one-of-a-kind. It’s your chance to mingle
with professionals in social media, experts in marketing, and get nose-to-nose
with hundreds of bloggers and micro-bloggers who command the highest respect in
the online pet community. Face-to-face is still the most powerful way to share
a message – at a BlogPaws Social Media Marketing conference, you will meet old
friends, make new friends, and learn how to include bloggers in your marketing
and PR. We have many levels, starting with our most influential level, the
Diamond Sponsorship, all the way to our Furry Friends level which supports
start-ups and small businesses. Don’t have a budget for sponsorships? We have a
limited number of small business tables for you. You may also add items in the
swag bag, sponsor a meal or a pawty, participate in our dog park or our cat
lounge, or create a brand new focus. Just call and tell us what works for you.
There is a sponsorship level available for all!

Sponsored bloggers: The
best time to sponsor bloggers to a BlogPaws Social Media Marketing conference is
now. Bring your bloggers on board today! They will support you leading up to
the conference, at the conference, and for a limited time afterwards. Email us
for more information on how best to utilize a sponsored blogger.



Social Media Consulting:

Whether you need to start a blog, grow your Twitter followers, build a Facebook following or just learn how to effectively use social
media to connect with your core market, BlogPaws is here to help you. We have consulting
and design packages designed to meet YOUR goals. Email us to find out more.


Yvonne DiVita: yvonne at blogpaws dot com

Chloe DiVita: chloe at blogpaws dot com

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