• Consider A Reptile For A Pet

    alice bearded dragon

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess When it comes to pets I have had more than my share: Pony, horse, chickens, bunny, guinea pigs, gerbils, mice, an iguana, finches, parakeets, boa constrictor, bearded dragons, ferrets, a turtle, fish tank with various kinds of salt and freshwater… read more


  • Be the Change Makes the Grade

    Be the Change (for pets and yourself – you will be uplifted!) is a national and even worldwide effort to help the every day citizen change their local area for the better. In our case, we're about helping shelters and rescues – to make life better… read more

  • Pets in Paradise

    It had happen. Super-attention to pets. Businesses finally realizing that we pet parents really do adore and dote on our pets. Let's face it – today, our dogs and cats and ferrets and horses and turtles and whatever, mean as much to us as our human… read more

  • Best Friends Forever! (no fur involved)

    With much thanks and big hugs to our BlogPaws' own Lisa Taron, who shared this video on Facebook… enjoy this heartwarming look at two turtles – who must be BFFs. May we never end up on our backs without a BFF nearby!… read more

  • A flock of chickens, a murder of crows

    How many of us know what groups of animals are called? Oh sure, herd of cows (yes, I've heard of cows… hehe) and the usual flock of chickens, but how many knew that crows were a "murder"… and why?  According to Snopes, "a murder of crows"… read more

  • Tomorrow is World Turtle Day! Hooray!

    Who doesn't love turtles? Please – how can you not love turtles? They are among the most adorable pets in the world! Something about them just screams, "The world is a better place because of us!" Ok, I'm going overboard a bit. But, seriously… turtles are… read more